How to clear your message history in Skype

How to clear your message history in Skype

Like many other programs, Skype has its drawbacks. One of them is the slowdown of the application, provided that the program has been used for a long time and during this period a large history of messages has accumulated. Read on to learn how to delete message history in Skype.

Clearing Skype chat is a good way to speed up your loading time. This is especially true for owners of normal hard drives, not SSDs. For example: before cleaning the message history Skype started in about 2 minutes, after cleaning it started in a few seconds. In addition, it should speed up the work of the program itself: change windows, start a call, take the conference, etc.

Also, sometimes deleting your Skype correspondence history is enough to hide it from prying eyes.

How to delete messages in Skype

Launch the app. The main application window looks like this.

To delete the message history, you have to go to the following path in the upper menu of the application: Tools> Settings.

In the window that opens, click the Security tab.

Here you have to click on the "Clear history" button.

Next, you must confirm the deletion of the history. Remember that you will not be able to restore history, so think carefully before making a final decision.

Think about it before deleting your message history. There is no way to get it back.

Deletion may take some time, depending on the size of the saved message history and the speed of your computer's hard drive.

After deleting, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.

After this, all correspondence in the program will be deleted.

In addition to history, contacts saved in favorites, call history, etc. are also deleted.

You have already learned how you can delete messages in Skype. Share these tips with your friends and family who use this voice communication program.

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