How to log out of Viber client apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

How to log out of Viber client apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

In some situations, it is necessary to temporarily stop the flow of information from Viber in the form of notifications about the activity of other service members. The most logical step to solve this problem is to close the messaging client application and this article demonstrates how to do it in the Android, iOS and Windows environment.

The usage model of any messenger, and Viber is no exception in this case, assumes the continuous operation of the service on the user's device (running the client application in the background). This approach enables users to avoid missing incoming calls and messages and to react to them in a timely manner. In some cases, it may be necessary to close the messenger completely, and access to this function is not organized by the Viber developers in such a (simple) way, as many account holders in this information exchange system would like.

How to close Viber messenger

If with the closure of Viber the reader refers to the deactivation of the account in the service, they should refer to other material published on our website. Next we will exclusively talk about stopping the work of the messaging client applications.

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Viber for Android

Closing Viber for Android is really easy, although the developers have "hidden" the necessary option deep in the menu of the service client application.

  1. Hate. "Settings". Viber. To do this, you must open the following section in the messenger "Plus". and then click the name of the corresponding menu item.
  2. Press "General".. At the bottom of the list of options that appears on the next screen, find the item "Departure".to be touched.
  3. It remains to confirm one's intentions and awareness of the consequences of the operation by pressing the button "AGREE". in the request box that opens. That's it - you are temporarily out of Viber on your phone.

If, for example, Viber crashes, which makes it impossible to execute the previous instruction, with respect to the messenger, you can use the standard tricks that involve exiting applications that work in the Android environment.

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Viber for iPhone

The principles according to which programs are organized in the iOS environment do not allow Apple smartphone owners to actually exit Viber for iPhone completely without deactivating their account or uninstalling the client application. There is no "button" to solve the article title problem in this version of the messenger.

You can use one of the ways to close programs in the apple operating system environment suggested in the material in the following link, but the result will not be considered as a complete exit from the messaging client. After following these instructions, Viber will "freeze" and will no longer appear in the running applications menu, but notifications to your device about other users' activities and incoming calls will not stop.

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For those iPhone owners who find themselves in a situation where Viber only needs to be "put to sleep" temporarily, we can advise activating a ban on notifications from the messenger and / or silencing the sound in the client application. . We have already talked about the second option in the article on our website, and to put the first recommendation into practice, follow these steps.

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  1. Open the messenger and go to "Plus". in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then press "Settings"..
  2. Press "Notifications".which will open a list of all kinds of activity from other Viber users that the system client notifies you of, even when it is 'closed'.
  3. Move all the switches next to the items in the displayed list to "Out of".and then close the application. Now messenger will show your presence on the iPhone only showing the incoming message counter on its own icon. Please note that audio and video calls from other users will not be stopped.

Also, you can prevent other Viber users from broadcasting your status "Online". - this helps reduce the number of incoming calls and messages. To hide the fact or time you are online, open "Settings".go to "Privacy". and flip the switch "Online". en "Out of"..

Viber for Windows

Quitting the Viber PC client is no more difficult than stopping any other Windows software that might be running in the background. It is the minimization, not the closing, which occurs when the X button is pressed in the header of the messenger window, and to completely exit the program, proceed as follows.

  1. Regardless of whether the Viber window is displayed on the computer screen or not, it is possible to close the messenger completely and download it from RAM via the system tray. Display this element of the Windows interface by clicking on the corresponding icon near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Among those that appear in the tray, look for the icon Viber. and click the right mouse button.
  3. Select "Get out". in the context menu that appears. As a result, the service client on your computer will close, the application window will disappear and the messenger will no longer bother you with notifications and calls until you start it again.

Disable the Viber client on your computer

In addition to the usual logout of Viber for Windows, all users of this application have at their disposal the option of deactivating the client on the computer / laptop, that is, the possibility of deactivating access to the messenger through their account at a specific Windows device. The following steps will not affect the functionality of Viber on your other devices.

After following the instructions below, the messenger on your computer / laptop should be activated and resynchronized with the mobile version of Viber. Before manipulating, it is recommended to backup the chat history.

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    1. Open Viber for computer and go to «Settings ...» menu apps "Tools"..
    2. Click on "Security and privacy" in the list of configuration sections on the left side of the window.
    3. Press "Deactivate" in the area with the description of this option.
    4. Confirm the system request by clicking "Disconnect". in its box.
    5. That's it: in the future, to access the messenger via the desktop application, you will have to activate it by activating the "main" Viber client installed on your mobile phone.

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Log out of Viber for PC with mobile phone

Sometimes it happens that the owner of a Viber account, who occasionally uses the Windows client system, needs to close it and does not have access to the computer / laptop where the program is installed. In this situation, you can use the function that allows you to deactivate the application on your computer remotely, which is integrated into the messengers for Android and iOS. The option is called the same in both operating systems.

  1. Launch Viber on your mobile phone and go to "Settings". from the tab "More" In the Appendix.
  2. Click on "Bill".and then open «Computers and tablets».
  3. In the list of devices that messenger is connected to, find the one that is disconnected from the system and press "DEACTIVATE". in the area with the name of the PC / laptop. Confirm the received request, then the exit of the Windows Viber application, or rather deactivate the account on the PC, will take place.


As you can see, the task of exiting Viber client applications is solved using not quite standard approaches, and in the iOS environment, it is not feasible at all. At the same time, it is possible to temporarily close the messenger if you follow the above recommendations.

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