How to completely remove iTunes from your computer

How to completely remove iTunes from your computer


iTunes is a popular multimedia engine that allows you to sync your Apple devices with your computer, conveniently organize your media library storage, transfer and listen to music, watch videos, and much more. If you have problems with the operation of this program or you no longer need to use it, the most logical solution is to uninstall it completely, as we tell you today.

Uninstall iTunes from your computer

On Windows 10 computers, iTunes can be installed in two ways: through the Microsoft Store or an executable downloaded from Apple's official website. The second option, which for older versions of the operating system is the only one available, involves a slightly different and more complicated uninstallation algorithm, since additional components are installed on the PC along with the main program, which will also have to be disposed of. . We will study all of this in more detail later.

Method 1: Uninstallers

Most computer applications leave quite a few traces on the operating system in the course of their work, and these include both files on disk and entries in the system registry. If you want to get rid of iTunes traces completely, it is best to use one of the specialized uninstallers for this purpose. For a clear example, we are going to ask the notorious CCleaner for help, but you can choose any other solution from the article presented in the following link.

Download CCleaner

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iTunes from Microsoft Store
If you have installed iTunes from the App Store for Windows 10, it will not be difficult to remove it: there are no traces or additional components after said program.

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    1. Launch CCleaner and go to your sidebar tab "Tools".and then select "Uninstall programs.".
    2. Find iTunes in the displayed list, mark it with the left mouse button (LKM) and use the button "Uninstall"..

    1. Confirm your intention to remove the program by pressing "OKAY". in the popup.

No further action is required on your part.

iTunes from the official website
If, on the contrary, the installation of aiTunes was done in the traditional way, through the file downloaded from the official site, there will be five (sometimes less) more software components present on your system, which will also have to be uninstalled.

  • Apple mobile device support;
  • Apple software update;
  • Hello;
  • Support for Apple software (32-bit);
  • Compatibility with Apple software (64-bit).
    1. Open section "Uninstalling programs." in Cicliner and order the list of articles presented in this window by its editor. To do this, click on the tab of the same name in the upper panel.
    2. Uninstall one by one all the programs whose publisher is Apple (indicated to the right of their name).

      iTunes should be the last to be uninstalled, so you can get started with Apple's mobile device support,

      and then simply proceed in order of priority.

      Only after you've gotten rid of all the extra software, do "Uninstall". iTunes.

    1. To get rid of all the traces that Apple products may have left on your operating system, perform a junk cleanup of the latter using the step-by-step guide provided at the link below.

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Method 2: "Programs and Components"

All versions of Windows have a standard uninstaller, and it may well be used to uninstall iTunes.

Note: You cannot remove iTunes that was installed from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 using the method described below: the apps from the store simply do not appear in this section of the operating system.

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  1. Run "Programs and components". The easiest way to do it is through the window "Run". (keystroke "WINDOWS + R" to invoke), where you must enter the command shown below and press "OKAY". o "ENTER".appwiz.cpl
  2. To find iTunes and all additional Apple software components in the list of installed programs, click the button "Editor". - this will sort all the items in the list according to that criteria.
  3. Uninstall all Apple Inc programs,
    selecting them with the left mouse button and clicking "Delete" on the top panel.

    Uninstall iTunes last. In the pop-up windows that ask you to confirm the uninstallation of the software, just click the button "Yes"..

Method 3: Settings (Windows 10)

If you are a Windows 10 user and prefer to use its standard tools for certain operating system maintenance tasks, you can and should consult "Options"..

iTunes from the Microsoft Store

  1. Use the keys "WINDOWS + I"to open "Options". operating system, and go to the section called "Applications"..
  2. Scroll through the list. "Applications and Features". a little down and find iTunes on it. Click this item with the left mouse button and then double-click "Delete"..
  3. After a few seconds, the program will be removed from your computer.

iTunes from the official site

    1. Repeat the steps in the first point above, and then in the "Applications and Features". Sort the list of programs presented there by their installation date. To do this, simply select the appropriate item from the drop-down list "Sort by:".
    2. This classification will help us to see together all the Apple software components that are installed on your computer, after which we can easily remove each of them, as well as iTunes itself.

      Note: The list of all Apple Inc. products that need to be uninstalled is found in part "ITunes from the official website". of the first method of this article.

      To do this, simply click on the first program in the list with the left mouse button and then double-click on "Delete".

      Wait for the delete procedure to complete and move on to the next item in the list.

    3. The last item to remove is iTunes.

      This process usually takes about a minute,

      But once done, you will get rid of all Apple products and the traces they have left in your operating system.

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The complete uninstallation of iTunes in a Windows environment is practically no different from the same procedure with any other program, and the only nuance is the need to uninstall other Apple products on your own.

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