How to set up Play Market

How to set up Play Market

After purchasing an Android device, the first thing to do is download the necessary applications from the Play Market. Therefore, in addition to creating an account in the store, it is worth understanding its settings.

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Play Store Settings

Next, let's take a look at the main settings that affect how the app works.

    1. The first item you need to adjust after creating an account is "Automatically update applications.". To do this, go to the Play Market application and tap on the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen, which indicate the button "Menu"..
    2. Scroll through the list that appears and tap on the box "Settings"..
    3. Click on the line. "Automatically update applications"In this case, three options will immediately appear to choose from:
      • "Never". - Updates will only be done by you;
      • "Always". - with the launch of a new version of the app, the update will be installed with any active internet connection;
      • «Only by WI-FI». - Similar to the previous one, but only when connected to a wireless network.

      The cheapest is the first option, but this way you can miss an important update, without which certain applications will be unstable, so the third is the best.

    1. If you prefer to use licensed software and are willing to pay for the download, you can specify a suitable payment method, thus saving time entering the card number and other information later. To do this, open "Menu" in the Play Store and go to the tab "Bill"..
    2. Then go to "Payment methods"..
    3. In the next window, select the payment method of the purchase and enter the requested information.
    4. The next configuration item, which will secure your funds in the specified payment accounts, is available if you have a fingerprint scanner on your phone or tablet. Go to tab "Settings".check the box next to "Fingerprint authentication"..

    1. In the window that appears, enter a valid password for the account and click "AGREE".. If you have configured the fingerprint screen unlock on your gadget, now Play Market will ask you to confirm your purchase with the scanner before purchasing any software.
    2. Plug "Authentication on purchase". He is also responsible for purchase requests. Click on it to open a list of options.
    3. The window that appears will offer three options when the application asks for a password or puts your finger on the scanner when making a purchase. In the first case, the identification is confirmed with each purchase, in the second - once every thirty minutes, in the third - the applications are purchased without any restriction and the need to enter data.
    4. If the appliance is used by children as well as you, you should pay attention to the item "Parental control". To access it, open the "Settings". and click on the corresponding line.
    5. Move the slider next to the item corresponding to the active position and get the PIN code without which you will not be able to change the download restrictions.
    6. Afterwards, the filtering options for software, movies and music will be available. In the first two positions you can choose content restrictions by rating from 3+ to 18+. Musical songs are prohibited from containing profanity.

Now, having adjusted Play Market to your liking, you cannot worry about the security of the funds on your mobile and the specified payment account. The developers of the store have not forgotten about the possible use of the application by children, adding the parental control function. After reading our article, when you buy a new Android device you won't need to look for a wizard to set up the app store.

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