How to configure the quick access bar in Excel. If when reading the title the first thing you have asked yourself is, What is the quick access bar in Excel? Don't worry, we will explain it to you.

The quick access bar in Excel is a widely used function by many people who not only use Excel, but all the programs in the Office suite.

With these example you will be clear about the functionality of the quick access bar in Excel.

Álvaro is working on his spreadsheet in the tab Page design and you need to make a cell bold. To do this process you have to go back to tab Istart and in bold.

Wouldn't it be easier if you had a bar where you could bold regardless of which tab you are operating on?

Well, in the next tutorial we are going to show you how to make bold, or any other function that you may need as a program button such as currency, percentage, print button, name manager ...

You are ready? Well, let's get down to work.

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How to add button to Quick Access Bar in Excel

At first, we are going to show you how to place the option button «Bold font":

  • Right-click the button in "Bold font" and choose "Add quick access to the toolbar".
  • Check that the button has been added to the bar correctly.
    Quick access by right clicking on the icon

    Quick access by right clicking on the icon

How to configure the quick access bar in Excel step by step

Next, we are going to configure the quick access bar in Excel to have all the options at hand.

  • Click on the "Customize Quick Access Toolbar".
  • Now click on "More commands."
    Customize Quick Access Toolbar

    Customize Quick Access Toolbar


In the following tabs, choose these options that we tell you:

  • In the tab "Choose commands" you must choose «All commands ».
    Choose All Commands

    Choose All Commands

From this option you can enter any command you want. For that, you only need:

  • "Choose command" by clicking on it.
  • Click on Add and then OK.
    Add commands

    Add commands

Delete command from Quick Access Bar in Excel

To delete a command, you just need:

  • Right click the button "Quick access"
  • And click on "Remove Quick Access Bar in Excel"
  • Check that all the commands previously added to the toolbar have been removed. 
    Remove Quick Access Toolbar

    Remove Quick Access Toolbar


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Access bar missing

There may be a time when we don't see the access bar, that it has disappeared. Don't worry because it has a very simple solution.

The access bar, like any menu panel or program, has a function to keep it fixed. If you don't see the top bar, you probably hit the collapse button.

To solve this, simply open any menu tab:

  • Click on the ribbon display options in the upper right corner (Appears as a window with an arrow).
    Presentation options

    Presentation options

With this tutorial we hope we have helped you discover how to set the quick access bar in excel, and that you get the most out of it. If you are interested in knowing How to remove background from a picture in Excel keep browsing