How to connect Google Home to the TV

How to connect Google Home to the TV

You have bought one of the smart speakers that the Gran G offers and for a few days you have been wondering if there is some way to connect it to your television to turn it into a smart device. It's possible! In the next few lines, we will explain in detail how to connect Google Home to TV simply using a chromecast.

We have talked several times about this interesting HDMI dongle developed by the same Google That allows the audio and video of a content to be transmitted to the TV from a smart device using wireless technology Google Casting. The HDMI dongle is available in the following versions estándard y Incredibly at a cost of 39 and 79 euros (respectively) and can be purchased both in the Google Store and in the most popular consumer electronics chains.

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Preliminary operations

After purchasing one of the two models of the chromecastyou can proceed to setup. The first step is to connect the dongle to one of the HDMI ports on the back or side of the TV.

Then connect the chromecast to a power outlet using a USB power adapter or, if you have bought the standard model, you can power it with the USB cable included in the package (connecting one end to the corresponding input of the HDMI stick and the other to the USB port of the TV ).

How to connect a Google Home to the TV

Once this step has been successfully completed, you can proceed to the actual configuration. To do this, open theHome application, press the button + in the upper left corner and select Setting device inside section Add to home. In the next step, tap on Setting new devices en casachoose your house and click "Start". Next. At this point, the software will search for the chromecast.

Once correctly identified, click on Next and make sure the bar code shown on the TV screen is the same as that shown on the TV screen. Tap on Yes e OK to confirm. To finish, complete the initial setup by setting the location of your chromecast and the Wi-Fi network to use for the connection.

At this point, if you have connected Google Home to Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc., you can start playing your favorite content by saying the appropriate commands. For example, to play a movie or TV series on Netflix, just use the command OK Google, play the name of the content on Netflix o Hey Google, play the name of the content on Netflix. To stop playback, just say. OK Google, to and to pause, use OK Google, pause.

You can use Google Home also to turn on and off a TV to which you have connected a chromecast. However, keep in mind that this function can only be used if the television has the technology HDMI-CEC and you also need to enable the function CEC (Control of consumer electronics) in the product settings. For more information, we recommend that you refer to the user manual that comes in the box of your television.

If this is successful, we suggest that you connect the chromecast to a power outlet using a wall adapter instead of taking advantage of the TV's USB port to be able to turn on the TV without problems. To turn on the TV, you can use the commands OK Google, turn on your TV o Hey Google, turn on the Chromecast name. However, to disable it, suffice it to say. OK Google, turn off the TV o Hey Google, turn off the Chromecast name.

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