How to create a backup in PowerPoint. Did you know that Office offers a very easy way to create a backup in PowerPoint? Well, you can, and in fact, something very interesting about this feature is that it not only works for PowerPoint, but for other Office programs. These programs have this mechanism that, by default, automatically save your files every 10 minutes.

And what happens if one of these Office programs spontaneously interrupts or "fails"? Well, when you open this program again there is a window on the left side that, when you click on it, you will see that all your work was saved. This is due thanks to backup mechanism.

In the following tutorial We are going to learn how to make this configuration so that you feel more secure when writing your files.

How to create a backup in PowerPoint step by step

  1. First, click on the «Menu file".
    Power point file

    PowerPoint file

  2. Now click on "Options".


  3. In the window "PowerPoint Options », Click on "Save" and in "Save AutoRecover information each" where you must enter the desired amount of time, but to keep it safe we ​​recommend putting 1 minute.  Then click on «To accept".
    Power point options

    PowerPoint options

With these simple steps we have just create our backup in PowerPoint in an easy, fast and efficient way. In this way, you will feel much more relaxed when doing your work, because if there are any problems during this period, your damage will be minimal or probably null.

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