How to create a photo in Skype

How to create a photo in Skype

Often times, active Skype users have conversations by streaming images via webcam. Sometimes there are interesting things happening on the screen that you would like to capture by creating one or more frames. The built-in software feature or downloadable add-on software can help.

Creating images in Skype

Previously, you could use Skype to take pictures with your webcam. The finished images were saved in a separate folder on your computer. In the latest versions of the software, the developers have eliminated this function, so now we will only talk about creating screenshots of the entire window or just an image of the interlocutor. Therefore, if you are interested in creating a webcam image, use any other convenient method by reading the following materials.

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Method 1: Take a photo on Skype while on a call

Skype has a built-in feature that allows you to quickly take a photo of what is happening on the screen, capturing only the viewing area of ​​the person you are talking to. This process is done with the click of a button. But be careful, if you are not using the most up-to-date version of the software, the location of the button in question may be different.

  1. As always, it all starts with a trivial call. Select a friend from your contact list and mark them using one of the communication methods.
  2. After accepting the call, an additional button will appear on the left in the format shown in the screenshot below. Press to take a single snapshot. If you touch it again, you will create another photo.
  3. A small window on the right with a thumbnail of the image will notify you of the successful creation of the image. Click the left mouse button to display the entire photo gallery you just took.
  4. Move between them with the arrows to see the content in more detail and select what you want to save.
  5. Click the three-dot icon in the upper right and select an option from the context menu that opens "Save as".to place the image in a suitable place on your computer.
  6. A new Standard Explorer window will start. Here, specify the name of the file and the location to save it.

As you can see, the whole procedure is a matter of pressing a few buttons and is not complicated.

Method 2: Screen Capture Software

Sometimes a user is faced with the need to take a screenshot of the entire Skype window or just a specific area. In that case, special programs will come to your aid, the main functionality of which is focused on taking these screenshots. Let's see a small example of how it can be done with Ashampoo Snap.

Download Ashampoo Snap

  1. Click the link above to go to the Ashampoo Snap review. There you will find a link to download this software.
  2. Upon launch, a small blue bar will appear at the top of the screen. Hover over to see all items. Select one of the available screen capture modes. We will take a rectangular area.
  3. When the screenshot is taken, an editor window opens. Here you can add text, strokes, pointers, crop and transform the image in various ways. When you're done, just click I went intoto save the image.
  4. Ashampoo Snap creates a separate folder in the standard directory "Images".. This is where all the ready-made screenshots are located.

You can find more detailed instructions with different methods of creating similar screenshots in other materials on our site, if the functionality of Ashampoo does not convince you in any way.

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In addition, now on the Internet extensions there are many free and paid programs, which also allow you to take screenshots in different modes. The principle of operation in all of them is almost identical, so it does not make sense to analyze them all, we only recommend getting acquainted with the review of the most popular solutions.

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If you don't want to interact with third-party software at all, go for the following method or choose one of the online services that will allow you to quickly create a snapshot by saving it to your computer.

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Method 3: Standard Windows Tool

The default Windows operating system has many built-in features and tools that greatly simplify the overall process of interacting with the PC. This includes creating screenshots. To take a screenshot, you can do the following:

  1. Press the key PrtSc O PrtScr (There are also other variations of the abbreviation of the name "Print Screen") on the keyboard to capture the entire desktop. Alt + PrtSc. allows capturing only the active window.
  2. The snapshot is now placed on the clipboard. You can send it, for example, in a message by clicking Ctrl + V or by selecting the tool "Insert".. The easiest way to edit an image is through the classic Paint. Find it through "Starts". and get it going.
  3. In the application that is running, click "Insert"..
  4. You can edit the existing screenshot in all possible ways, like cropping it with the built-in tool.
  5. When you're done, just save your project by clicking the icon at the top or hitting Ctrl + S.

Now you know the photo creation methods available in Skype. As you can see, they all differ from each other and allow you to take completely different photos for specific purposes.

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