How to create an iPad tutorial in iTunes U and ibooks Author

How to create an iPad tutorial in iTunes U and ibooks Author

educational service iTunes U It was presented by Apple on January 19, 2012 in New York, and even then it began to be talked about as the future of the entire educational system, both in the United States and around the world. Indeed, even today Russian schoolchildren, students or future specialists in a particular field can reap all the benefits of multimedia and interactive learning.

To date, the service iTunes U it is used by teachers in many, mostly English-speaking countries, who have already written more than 25.000 textbooks in various disciplines. Among the universities that actively use the capabilities of the service are such well-known educational institutions as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and others. In the two years since iTunes U exists, users have downloaded more than a billion educational textbooks and podcasts. An experiment was even conducted at Harvard, during which it turned out that students absorb information in certain disciplines much better when taking a digital course on their own than when attending lectures.

So, since the end of January 2014, the service iTunes U was launched in Russia, and now everyone (university professors, school teachers, teachers of preparatory courses, etc.) can publish their own educational textbook or podcast on iTunes completely free of charge. Position. All you need is an account Apple ID, which is easy to create. To create your own training program, you must follow this link, sign in with your Apple ID and complete all the required fields of the questionnaire: full name, position and institution, brief biography, photo.

After that, you just need to click on the button «Create course» and fill in the required fields again: license type (are the published materials copyrighted, will the course be distributed commercially, etc.), category (what discipline the training course belongs to), language , course order, etc.

Immediately after creating a course, you can start filling it out: almost any file (images, presentations, text documents, etc.), whose size does not exceed 1 GB, is suitable as content. Upon completion of the work, the master receives a ready-made systematic training course, which can be published in the public domain or receive codes for downloading materials only from a certain group of people.

However, you can create and distribute such a course in other ways. But Apple offers an even more interesting option: the creation of an interactive multimedia textbook complete with ibooksAuthor. By downloading this app from the Mac App Store, educators have access to a versatile set of tools to create a high-quality educational podcast, complete with charts, graphs, multimedia, and more.

The process of creating such a textbook does not require special skills: the application interface is simple and intuitive, every PC user can handle the task for sure. As for the result, it can exceed all expectations: with due diligence, a self-written textbook will not differ much from professional training programs.

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