How to create folders in Windows 10? In general, computers for domestic use are used by several family members, in these cases it is always good to have files for personal use or those of greater importance. as sheltered as possible, so that in this way it is protected. In these cases we usually resort to the use of removable memories or any other device for external use, so that in this way they are protected from third parties.

For those cases the operating system Windows 10 offers An alternative for this type of situation is the creation of hidden file folders, this alternative gives us the assurance that our files will not be viewed by anyone but us. Next, we will explain how to create these types of files.

How to create these files

The first thing to do is create the file that we wish to hide from third parties.

Once the file is created you must right-click mouse over it.

This will display a series of alternatives, you must locate and select the alternative properties.

This will display a new series of alternatives, among these you must select the general one.

Later you will select the one that is called hidden, click on the option to apply.

Once this process is done, enter the alternative of the menu called view.

You must perform the unchecked from alternative hidden items, this will cause them to stop showing.

What happens to the folder

One thing to remember is that Windows does not allow you to save folders in this mode without naming them first. The folder that you place in this mode the icon will be slightly transparent.

Once you configure the folder as hidden mode, it will disappear from the view of the other PC users. Even when others cannot see them, you can access this file. It is important that you remember the file where you stored the folder with the hidden files.

How to access the hidden folder

To access files you should do it in the following way:

We entered the File BrowserWe will do this through the task bar.

Once the options are displayed, select the alternative of See.

Some alternatives will be displayed, among which you must select the so-called options.

You will make the alternative to change folder and advanced search options.

Will unfold again a series of options, select View.

Enter the alternatives of Advanced configuration.

When the options are displayed, select the one named show files, folders and hidden units.

Finally, you must select accept.

To hide them again

In case that you want to hide again the folder what you should do is carry out the process that was indicated above to hide it, remember that you can carry out this procedure with the folders or files you require, this operating system does not have a numerical limit regarding the creation of hidden documents .