How to create memoji on Android? One of the things that characterizes iPhone devices are the popular Memoji: Funny icons that look like people's faces. If you would like to learn how to create these types of icons but from your Android then stay with us and discover all the steps to follow.

The good news is that there are applications and programs that can help us create memoji from our Android phones. That is, you do not exclusively need an iPhone to create an icon of this type. It will only be enough to follow a series of simple steps, and that's it.

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What are Memoji?

Before explaining the steps to follow to create memoji on Android, it is important to know what this type is about icon characteristics of the iPhone. In a few words, it could be said that memoji are the emojis of the iPhone.

While they are icons iPhone exclusives, there are some tricks that we can apply to be able to create this type of images from our Android. The truth is that there are already Android devices that incorporate an option to create emojis of this type, but most do not.

Producer application

Some Android devices are already available on the market that allow the creation of memoji directly and easily. The mobiles of high-end Samsung brand They incorporate predefined apps with which we can create our own memoji and which can then be used through the default keyboard.

To do it from a Samsung phone that incorporates this function, you just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Opens the camera
  2. Click on "AR Emoji”At the top of the screen
  3. Click on "Create my Emoji"
  4. Become a selfie
  5. Choose one of the icons and click on "Next"
  6. Begins to customize your icon
  7. After having it ready, click on "Next”And then in“Accomplished"
  8. Your emoji will be available in the section "AR emoji"


A good choice for access the memoji without having an iPhone is using the mobile phone of a friend or relative. Ask him to borrow his iPhone or iPad and create the memoji you want and then you can send it to yourself through the WhatsApp application.

  1. Create the memoji with the help of your friend's iPhone or iPad
  2. After you have it ready, ask them to send via WhatsApp
  3. Grab your Android device and access WhatsApp
  4. Locates the message received with your memoji and add it to your personal collection


But if what you want is create your memoji from scratch and through your Android device then you will have to resort to some applications. We want to recommend one in particular: Bitmoji

You can Download the app totally free from the Play Store and through it create your own memoji:

  1. Download and start the app on your mobile
  2. Crea an account on the platform
  3. Press on the male or female icon according to your preferences.
  4. Take one Selfie
  5. Customize the memoji
  6. Will be clever to use in your preferred messaging app