How to delete a group in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

How to delete a group in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Almost all Viber users have initiated communication between multiple people at least once by creating a group in the messenger. In this article, you will find instructions on how to do the reverse operation: delete outdated group chats using the service client apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

Next we will talk about how to delete a group created by yourself in Vibere. If it is necessary to leave the group chat of "another person" and remove their header from the list of available in the messenger, you should follow a slightly different path than described in this material.

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If you apply the methods of the previous article to a group in which you are an administrator, the chat will not cease to exist, and your place as administrator can be occupied by any of the users previously invited to the association!

How to delete a group chat in Viber for Android

Completely deleting a group in Viber via the Android messaging client app can only take a long time if there are a large number of users participating in the chat. The algorithm of actions to solve the problem is as follows.

  1. The first thing to do to successfully remove the group from the messenger is to exclude all participants from it:
    • Start Viber and go to the conversation you are going to delete. Click on the three points in the upper right, open "Information"..
    • If you scroll up a little in the area that contains the details of the group and the names of the functions that apply to it, you will access the sections "ADMINISTRATORS" и "PARTICIPANTS".

      Long press on any username to bring up a menu of possible actions. In the list that appears, tap "Remove from chat."and then confirm your request by pressing "AGREE"..

    • As a result of the previous step of the instruction, the selected account will be excluded from the group and its name will disappear from the list "PARTICIPANTS".. In the same way, delete all the people previously invited to the chat.
    • If the shared group is managed by its designated administrators, exclude them as well, acting as described above for common members.
    • The result of the procedure should be the image shown in the screenshot:
  2. Once everyone in the conversation has been excluded, the chat "container" and the information it contains can be removed.
    • Click on the tab "Cats". in Viber for Android and long press on the group title you want to delete to bring up the options menu. Press «Delete the chat»..
    • Confirm your intentions by tapping "Exit and delete." in the application that appears. That's it: the group chat, as well as all the information sent and received within it is erased.

How to delete a group chat on Viber for iPhone

The principles of operation in Viber for iOS do not actually differ from those that apply when using the Android client, which we have already discussed. To solve the problem of the article title with the iPhone, it is necessary to follow the same algorithm, the difference in actions is dictated only by the differences in the interface of the application.

  1. Remove all its members, except you, from the group that you are destroying in the messenger. For it:
    • Launch Viber on your iPhone and from the tab "Cats". Navigate to the conversation that you are going to delete. Then tap the group header at the top of the screen.
    • Scroll through the list of options to the section "Administrators" and exclude from this list all users with privileges except yourself.To delete by clicking on the administrator's name, the menu appears where you click "Remove from chat.". Confirm the incoming messaging request by tapping "AGREE"..
    • In the same way as in the previous case, delete the list of "Participants".In the end there should only be one user in the group: you.
  2. Once you have removed all members of the party, go back to "Cats".to permanently delete the association and the information that was transmitted through it.
    • Slide the header of the group to delete to the left until the three function buttons appear on the screen, press "Delete"..
    • To confirm your intentions, press «Close the session and delete» in the area that appears at the bottom of the screen. This completes the process of eliminating the group chat: its header will disappear from the list of available in your messenger.

How to delete group chat in Viber for PC

Managing group chats in the Viber for Windows application is no more complicated than in the mobile clients of the service. To delete your group in messenger, using a computer or laptop, you have to act as follows.

  1. Open the messenger and click in the left area of ​​its window on the name of the group that you are going to delete.
  2. First of all, remove all its members as well as admins (except yourself) from the group chat:
  3. As a result of the previous paragraph of the instruction, the list of "Participants". groups must contain a single entry - "Your name)"Now you can also delete the "shell" of the chat, as well as the information that has accumulated in it over time:
    • Click on the icon "I" next to the conversation title.
    • Scroll through the list of options that appears on the right side of the Viber for PC window to the bottom.
    • Click on «Exit and delete».
    • Then confirm the destruction of the group chat by clicking "Exit and delete." in the application that appears.

Thus, we can affirm that deleting a group in Viber is no more difficult than creating an association in messenger and filling it with participants. The main thing is not to forget to exclude other users from the group chat once it is created before leaving it.

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