How to delete a Netflix profile. The streaming service of Netflix, has a profile system that exists so that, for example, each person in a family has their own profile and watches series and movies registered with it. This is for the company recommend content appropriate to the taste of each profileList what each of you has seen recently so that each of you can continue to watch your series from where you left off.

The maximum number of profiles for each account is 5. And here it should be remembered that the number of profiles is not related to the number of screens that can be used simultaneously, which already varies according to one of the three chosen plans. With the basic plan, only 1 screen can access content at a time.

The plan with a medium cost allows two screens to have access simultaneously, that is, two smartphones, a smartphone and a tablet, a tablet and a Smart TV, etc. And in Premium 4 they can see the screens simultaneously, which would make it almost all profiles could watch their series and movies simultaneously.

In the following article we are going to help you delete a Netflix profile.

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How to delete a Netflix profile step by stepHow to delete a Netflix profile step by step

All these profiles access Netflix with the same email and password, and on the home screen is where the profile of who is accessing at that moment is selected. If one of these profiles is of someone who no longer wants to continue with the subscription, the administrator can delete the profile of that person. This does not restrict your access, you can continue accessing with your email and password, only that you will no longer have a personalized profile. To continue watching videos, you must enter the profile of another member.

If you would like to delete a profile, The procedure is quite simple and you can do it from a mobile device or from the television itself:

  • Go to the menu of setting from Netflix
  • Go to the profile sections, where there is a pencil icon on top of each of them
  • Tap or click that pencil on the profile you want to delete and then go to «Delete profile»

Prevent them from entering without your permissionnetflix change password

For a person to lose access permanently, it is recommended change password or end all active sessions. To find out if someone is accessing your account without your permission, do the following:

  • Go to the Netflix website, sign in, and then click "your account" in the upper right corner
  • Then click on «What was seen», and all the series and movies played in all profiles will appear
  • If you find something strange, go to «View recent account access«, Which is on the same page

In this last step, features such as the device used, date, location and the access time for each login. As you can see, it is easy to check if there really is someone who is taking advantage of your account.

If you want to make sure that no one accesses the account without permission, the Netflix website recommends change password and end active sessions on all devices. But, EYE! If a device has been stolen, do not log out or change the password, as it is possible that thanks to access to Netflix you can locate where the stolen device is.