How to delete a Skype account

How to delete a Skype account

The need to delete a Skype account can arise in different situations. For example, you may have stopped using your current account and switched to a new one. Or maybe you just want to remove all mentions of you from Skype. Read on to find out how to delete your Skype account.

There are several ways to delete your Skype account. The simplest is to delete all the information from your profile. But if you do this, the profile will still be there, even if it is empty.

A more difficult but effective way is to delete your account through the Microsoft website. This method will help you if you use a Microsoft profile to sign in to Skype. Let's start with the easiest option.

How to delete your Skype account by deleting your information

Launch the Skype software.

Now you have to go to the profile data edit screen. To do this, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the program window.

Now you have to delete all the profile data. To do this, select each line (name, phone number, etc.) and delete its content. If you cannot delete the content, enter a random set of data (numbers and letters).

Now you have to delete all your contacts. To do this, right-click on each contact and select "Remove from contact list".

After that, log out of your account. To do this, select the Skype menu items> Sign out of your account.

If you want your account details to be deleted from your computer as well (Skype stores quick login details), you will need to delete the folder associated with your profile. This folder is in the following path:

C: | UsersValeryAppDataRoamingSkype

It has the same name as your Skype username. Delete this folder to delete the profile information from your computer.

This is all you can do if you connect to the account through a non-Microsoft account.

Now let's move on to completely delete the profile.

How to completely delete a skype account

So how can you delete your skype page permanently.

First of all, you must have a Microsoft account with which you sign in to Skype. Go to the instructions page on how to close your Skype account. Here is the link you can click to completely delete your account.

Follow the link. You may have to log into the site.

Enter your password and go to your profile.

Now you have to enter the email associated with your profile, to which a code will be sent to go to the Skype profile removal form. Enter the email and click Submit Code.

The code will be sent to your inbox. Check it. There should be an email with the code.

Enter the code you received in the form and click submit.

The Microsoft account deletion confirmation form will open. Read the instructions carefully. If you are sure you want to delete the account, click Next.

On the next page, check all the boxes, confirming that you agree with what it says. Select the reason for deletion and click the mark to close.

Now you just have to wait for Microsoft staff to review your request and delete the account.

These are the ways you can get rid of your Skype account if you no longer need it.

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