How to delete a WhatsApp group being the administrator? Follow the same steps as before: open the group and its information. And click on the person you want to grant the power to. Hold down their name and in the drop-down click on “Make group administrator”. Once this is done, you can delete the group and leave without any problem or risk.

How to do to delete a group?

Sign in. Groups. of Google. Click on the name of a. cluster. . On the left, click Settings. cluster. . Delete group. . Click on. Delete group. . Click OK to confirm the action.

What happens if I leave a WhatsApp group if I am an administrator?

Go to the options and then to More. You should see the option to leave the group. As soon as you leave the group you are no longer an admin, even if you re-enter. Another person is the admin and he must add you to the group if he wants and he can name you admin too.

How can you delete a WhatsApp?

Opens. WhatsApp. . Tap the more options icon > Settings > Account >. Remove. my account. Enter your phone number in full international format and tap. REMOVE. MY ACCOUNT. From the dropdown menu, select the reason you want. remove. your account. Play. REMOVE. MY ACCOUNT.

How to block a group without leaving?

To achieve this, go to “group information” and click on “Block” (for Android) or “Mute the group” (for iOS). Then you must delete all the files in the group.

How to leave a WhatsApp group politely?

To leave any WhatsApp group, you have to do several previous steps: you have to enter the conversation, click on the group information, go to the bottom and put “leave the group”, then you have to click on “delete group”.

How to leave a WhatsApp group and continue reading the messages?

Enter the group chat and press the three dots in the corner. Press «Info of the. cluster. «. Silence notifications for one year. Go back to “Info del. cluster. ” and click on “Custom notifications”. Turn off “notifications and warnings”. Lastly, archive the . cluster. .

Why doesn't the delete option appear for everyone?

This happens when some of the people in the WhatsApp group or individual chat have already read the message. Therefore, there is no going back and the “Delete for everyone” option disappears and only the “Delete for me” option will remain available.

How to delete a WhatsApp contact without them noticing?

-The number appears instead of the name. On the contrary, if the user is unknown, it is best to delete the contact. On Android you have to press and hold the chat for this option to appear. On iOS, on the other hand, you must slide the chat to the left and click on the “More” icon to delete the user.

What happens if I delete my WhatsApp account and reinstall it?

If I delete WhatsApp, can I reinstall it?

Are the conversations, photos... deleted?

Do I leave the groups?

Don't worry, you can uninstall the App and reinstall it without any problem, you won't leave the groups and there is a way not to delete the conversations.

What happens if a WhatsApp chat is deleted?

The empty chats feature allows you to delete messages within a chat, but its advantage is that the chat itself will still appear in the Chats tab, so you won't be rooting it out, just emptying it of shared messages and media.

When you block someone on WhatsApp, does the other person notice?

The answer is simple: nothing. WhatsApp does not notify us in the event that we are blocked, due to its privacy policies. In fact, from their support page they state that "we cannot confirm if someone has blocked you or not, because it would be a violation of that person's privacy."

When you are removed from WhatsApp, can you see if it is online?

Another indication is that if that person decided to delete your WhatsApp number, you will no longer be able to see their profile picture, but you will be able to see them when they are connected or 'online'. You will also be able to visualize their last connection time in case the user has decided to hide the time they were 'online' from strangers.

How can an unknown number see my WhatsApp status?

If we don't have each other added, we won't be able to see anyone's statuses. That is, as long as they give us permission to see them because, as you know, we have the option to exclude those contacts that we do not want to see our WhatsApp stories.

How to close WhatsApp without uninstalling it?

Go to the settings menu. Select the 'applications' option. Click on the icon. WhatsApp. and select 'force stop' or 'force close'.