How to delete deleted WhatsApp messages

How to delete deleted WhatsApp messages

Method 1: Delete messages

After deleting any message on WhatsApp for Android, iOS or Windows, a notification of the action performed always appears, which in turn can be deleted. The procedure in question is carried out much like direct deletion of messages, but without additional parameters.


    1. If you are using an Android device, open the app, in the tab "Cats". select a dialog with a deleted message and find the desired entry in the history. Then, to bring up additional tools, press and hold the speech cloud for a few seconds until the bar at the top of the screen appears.
    2. In this mode, you can press once to highlight other messages that have left corresponding marks in the history after deletion. The authorship of the original submissions is irrelevant, since self-appearance correspondence is available to each chat participant equally.

Once you have deleted the entries, click the recycle bin icon on the right side of the top panel and in the pop-up window confirm the procedure with the button Delete from me button.. This will immediately remove all featured posts from your message history, with no chance of recovery or additional notifications.


    1. On iPhones, deleting previously deleted entries is done much the same as on Android, with minor interface differences. The first thing to do is open the mobile client, in the tab "Cats". select the correspondence and find the desired publication in the history.
    2. Hold down the speech cloud for a few seconds until an additional pop-up menu appears, and here, in turn, use the "Delete". This will open up the ability to select messages for deletion by checking the boxes in the left column, regardless of content or author.

    1. To finally get rid of the selected posts, click the trash can icon on the left side of the bottom panel, and in the pop-up window, confirm the deletion of the posts. As a result, each selected block will disappear from the match history beyond recovery.

Regardless of the platform you use, in both cases these types of messages are deleted only for you, while the copies will remain in the history of each interlocutor in any case. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to delete messages in the same way as normal messages.


    1. The WhatsApp client for Windows allows you to do practically the same as the mobile applications, but uses the data of the originally connected phone. To get rid of an already deleted message, select the desired correspondence in the left column, find the entry and click the left mouse button on the arrow icon.
    2. In the pop-up menu, use the option "Delete message" and then confirm the task in the pop-up window by pressing "Delete from me.". If done correctly, this will cause the message to disappear from the dialog beyond recovery.

On any device synced with desktop WhatsApp, the message will automatically disappear. The same can be said for performing actions on the phone, which causes the entry to disappear in any other version.

Method 2: Delete conversations

Another universal solution to this problem could be a global wipe of conversations, which would instantly wipe not only readable messages, but also all previously deleted message labels. This is done in the same way as individual messages, by pinching the correspondence on the page "Cats". and the subsequent use of the function «Delete the chat»..

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To get rid of messages in group chats, you will have to use the option before “Leave group” optionand only then perform the deletion. Please note that, as in the previous sections, you will not be able to restore your data, especially if you have not previously backed it up.

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