How to delete secret chats on Viber

How to delete secret chats on Viber

Features that can be activated when transmitting information through secret chats on Viber, of course, provide an opportunity to protect the data provided to the interlocutor from transmission to third parties or other unwanted use quite reliably. However, if a very private channel is rarely used or has served its purpose, users tend to remove it from the messenger. In this article we will demonstrate how to do it from an Android mobile phone and an iPhone.

How to delete a secret chat on Viber

Despite the special purpose and additional functionality of Secret Chat, its removal is extremely simple - literally two taps on the mobile device screen. Please note that chat and private message manipulation is only available on Android and iPhone, while Viber for Windows does not support this functionality.

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The mobile versions of Viber messenger in the aspect of solving the problem in question are described below in order.


In Viber for Android, you can delete a secret chat that has become unnecessary along with its content at any time of its use. And here there are two options, more precisely the sections of the app from where it is possible to perform the operation.

Method 1: The "Chats" tab.

    1. Start Viber. Or, if the messenger is already open, go to "Cats".tapping the corresponding icon in the bar at the bottom of the application screen.

  1. Scroll through the list of open chats until you find the header of the secret chat you are about to delete and tap on it. Keep pressing until the context menu appears.
  2. Click on the item «Delete the chat».. As a result, the private chat will be instantly deleted and its header will disappear from the tab "Cats". Viber apps for Android.

Method 2: The Secret Messaging Screen

  1. Open a secret chat in messenger and then go to its settings panel. To do this, touch the header of the private conversation at the top of the screen or open the menu by touching the three dots to the right of your caller's name, and then touch "Information"..And also for the list of options applicable to correspondence to appear, just swipe the message area to the left.
  2. At the bottom of the information and options panel that opens, there is an item "Delete the chat room." - touch it. To permanently delete the secret chat and its content, confirm the request you received from Viber for Android.


Users who prefer the iPhone, that is, the exploitation of c in order to access the Viber messaging program for iOS, with the elimination of secret chats like the owners of Android devices have no problem. It is possible to solve the problem described in the title of our article at any time.

Method 1: Chats tab

The only way to quickly and completely remove a secret chat on Viber for iPhone is to follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Viber on your iPhone and go to "Cats". from the messenger if a different section is opened.
  2. In the list of open conversations, locate the secret chat that has become unnecessary and slide its header to the left until all three function buttons appear.
  3. Faucet . "Delete". - this will make the private conversation header instantly disappear from the list of available conversations in Viber for iPhone, while all its content is destroyed.

Method 2: Secret Conversation Screen

The following method to delete the secret chat requires more actions than the one suggested above, but it allows to view and delete the content of the private correspondence of your messenger before the operation (if there is one, that is, it has not been deleted as a result of the "Self-destructive messages").

  1. Go to the secret chat you want to delete and click on the name of the interlocutor at the top of the screen. From the options menu that appears, select "Information and configuration".You can also open the screen with the options applicable to correspondence by simply sliding the area containing the messages to the left.
  2. Scroll through the list of features and tap on the last item it contains - "Clear talk.". Now confirm your Viber request by tapping "Delete all messages.".
  3. In this way, you will delete all the messages of your private correspondence in your messenger. If you need to remove not only the content, but also the "shell" of the secret chat, additionally follow the instructions suggested earlier in this article "Method 1". for iPhone.


As you can see, regardless of the device you use, deleting a secret chat in the Viber messenger is very easy - the operation requires only a few seconds to complete. This approach of the developers to ensure the operation of communication channels with a higher level of privacy, of course, increases the convenience and efficiency of their use.

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