How to delete SMS on iPhone and Android smartphone

How to delete SMS on iPhone and Android smartphone


You can delete normal messages on your Android smartphone, either individually -one or several at a time- or all at once -a whole chat or several of them-. All you have to do is select the required entries, then use the trash can icon that appears on the toolbar and confirm your intentions. We have considered all this in detail in a separate article that we recommend that you read. We also address the issue of deleting messages on popular messengers and social media clients.

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Also on Apple mobile devices you can delete both individual messages and correspondence as a whole, one or several at a time. However, in the case of individual chat entries, the necessary options are not hidden in the most obvious place: deep within the menu. Fortunately, we can use not only that, but also gestures to solve our task, which speeds up the process significantly. As in Android, in the iOS environment you can get rid not only of normal SMS, but also of incoming and sent messages in messengers and chats of social networks. We have already covered all this in the instructions, the link of which is below.

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Restore deleted messages

If you have accidentally deleted an important message or a complete chat, despite the fact that your mobile operating system warns you that the procedure is irreversible, do not despair: it can still be recovered. But this will require the use of third-party software, most of which is paid, and the functionality provided during a trial period may be very limited. For more details on how to use the most effective representatives of this software segment to retrieve your iPhone and Android correspondence, please refer to the following article.

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