How to delete WhatsApp from your Android device and iPhone

How to delete WhatsApp from your Android device and iPhone

Ending your own participation in the WhatsApp messaging system involves uninstalling the service client application from your device. This procedure is easy to do on both Android smartphones and iPhones, and it is not the only way to do it. In this article, we are going to consider the most affordable and shortest approaches to this task, as well as demonstrate how to delete downloaded content from the device's messenger.

How to delete WhatsApp from your smartphone

When tackling any implicit data deletion task, you should inform yourself of the consequences before taking action, often irreversible. Some things that are important to keep in mind before uninstalling the messenger from your Android smartphone or iPhone:

    • In order not to lose the information contained in the WhatsApp chats, before uninstalling the messenger and the content obtained from it from the phone, if it is done temporarily, it is necessary to make sure that a backup copy of the correspondence history is made to cloud storage.

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    • In the event that the uninstallation of the messaging app is done to permanently and irrevocably abandon the data exchange system, it is necessary to delete the WhatsApp account itself before doing so.

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    • Uninstalling the WhatsApp app from your phone is essentially the only way to log out of your account in the messaging system, which is most often done to authorize another account or change your own number in the system. In the first case, it will be more appropriate to install a second instance of the messenger on your device.

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      If logging out of your WhatsApp account by removing your application is done to change the phone number involved as a login to the system, then the chosen approach is wrong - you must use a special messaging function to implement the transition to a new identifier.

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    Uninstalling the WhatsApp application for Android is not difficult, regardless of the reasons that led to the decision to carry out this operation.

    Method 1: Desktop (application menu)

    The fastest and easiest method to solve the problem raised in the title of this article from the Android environment is to execute the following instruction.

    1. Go to one of the mobile operating system desktops, where the WhatsApp icon is located or (in some versions / variants of Android) find the icon in the applications menu.
    2. With a long press on the messenger icon, "grab" it and move it to the top of the device screen - to the icon or inscription shown "Delete".
    3. Placing the WhatsApp icon on the interface element "Delete"., it stops affecting the screen. You must then confirm the system request to uninstall the application and remove the associated data.
    4. As a result, in a few seconds the messenger will be removed and its cache and data will be erased from the smartphone memory.

    Method 2: Google Play Store

    The tools to uninstall Android applications are also offered in the main source for the vast majority of users to get them: Google Play Market. The next solution to our problem is especially helpful if removing WhatsApp is just one step in your reinstallation procedure.

    1. Open the Google Android App Store and go to «My applications and games» from the menu that appears by touching the three dashes in the upper left corner of the screen.
    2. Click on the tab "Installed".find "WhatsApp Messenger" in the list of applications that opens and click on the name or the messenger icon.
    3. Tap the button below the application name on the page with detailed information about the application "Delete". and then confirm the Play Store request by tapping below it "OKAY"..
    4. After a while, the button "Delete". will disappear from the messenger page in the Android app store, and the interface element "Opened" will change its name to "Install".. This completes the uninstallation of the WhatsApp client from the device.

    Method 3: Android Settings

    Those who prefer a higher level of control over the software removal process than the previous instructions in this article suggest, in order to uninstall the messaging application can go as follows.

    1. Open "Settings". Android, go to section "Applications".and select ... "All applications".
    2. Find "WhatsApp". in the list of software tools installed on the device and click their name.
    3. Play . "Delete". on the screen that opens (this element may have a different layout and be located in different parts of the page with information about the application, depending on the version / variant of the operating system). It only remains to confirm the Android request and wait a bit to complete the uninstallation of the WhatsApp client from the device.

    Method 4: Specialized tools

    If the Android system tools that provide for the uninstallation of applications for some reason do not suit the user who wants to remove the messenger from their device, you can use one of the software tools offered by third-party developers for this purpose.

    For the mobile operating system in question, there are numerous software uninstallers that are distributed as separate applications and as part of software packages. As an example, below we will describe how to solve the problem mentioned in the article title using the popular system cleaner called CCleaner for Android, or more specifically, the module provided in this application. If you use other similar tools, follow the same algorithm described below.

    1. Install and run CCleaner for Android.
    2. Touch the three dashes at the top left of the screen to bring up the CCleaner menu and select "Manage applications"..
    3. Without going through the tab "INSTALLED", find the article "WhatsApp". in the list of software displayed by the Cicliner and check the box to the right of the messenger's name.
    4. Tap on the round button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen as a result of the above instruction "...". From the list of actions that appears, select "Remove from device"..
    5. Now we confirm our intentions by touching "DELETE" in the window that appears of Cicliner for Android and then "OKAY". below another appeal request. We wait a few seconds for the operation to complete, and then we can close the uninstaller - the article title problem is now considered resolved.

    How to delete downloaded WhatsApp content

    None of the previous methods of uninstalling the WhatsApp app implies the simultaneous elimination in the memory of the device of the images, GIFs, music, videos and documents that have been downloaded from the chatspace while using the sharing system. If we are talking about really completely uninstalling the messenger from the device, you also have to delete the content obtained from it, and the most effective way to do it is to manually delete the folder formed in the device's storage by WhatsApp.
    To do this, you can use any file manager for Android, for example, Google Filesas in the following instructions.

    Download the Google Files file manager from Play Market

    1. Once you have finished uninstalling the messaging application, open the "Explorer" for Android and use it to explore the contents of your device's storage.
    2. In the list of directories present in the device memory, we find the folder "WhatsApp"., long press on the name to highlight it.
    3. In the panel that appears at the top of the screen, click the icon "Trash can".. Then, to finally erase the 'remains' of an already deleted messenger from your device, tap "Delete" at the request of the file manager.


    Users of WhatsApp for iPhone have far fewer options to remove the application from their smartphone than those who prefer the one described above for Android, but it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the following two options are not enough to solve the problem we are considering. from the Apple device.

    Method 1: Home screen

    The simplest method to "get rid" of WhatsApp on your iPhone, as well as any other program not integrated in iOS, is to follow the instructions below.

    1. Sliding the screen "Home". On the iPhone, find the WhatsApp Desktop icon that contains it and / or launch the folder where the messenger icon is located.

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    2. Touch the icon and keep clicking on it until an X appears in its upper left corner.

    3. Touch the cross and then confirm your intention to uninstall by pressing "Uninstall". in a request received from the operating system of the Apple device.

    4. In a few seconds, the WatsUp shortcut will disappear from the iPhone screen, which means that the program it was referring to will be uninstalled and its data and cache will be cleared from the device storage.

    Method 2: iOS Settings

    Another way, which does not differ in effectiveness and efficiency from the previous one, is to remove the WhatsApp messaging program from the iPhone by calling a special function in "Settings". of the operating system.

    1. Open "Settings". iOS and move from your list to section "Basic"..

    2. Click on "IPhone Storage".Wait for the system to complete the device scan and then scroll up the screen to find out "WhatsApp". in the list of software installed on the device.

    3. Click on the name of the messenger, which will open detailed information about the program. To proceed to the uninstall procedure, double-click "Uninstall the program." - on the data screen and below the system prompt that opens below.

    4. Wait a few seconds and then WhatsApp will disappear from the list of programs installed on the device.

    How to delete downloaded WhatsApp content

    Photos and videos downloaded automatically and manually from WhatsApp during use in the iPhone memory remain intact after uninstalling the messaging client. If you want to erase all content to free up storage space on your device and (when syncing is on) in iCloud, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the pre-installed iOS program Gallery and then go to your section Albums. in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Press. "See everything". to the right of the category name «My albums». Below is the one titled "WhatsApp". catalog and by touching the lid we open it.

    3. Tap at the top of the screen on the right "To select".and then "Select all". on the left.

    4. Once you've made sure all the photos and videos in the album are highlighted, click the icon in the lower right corner The «Trash» icon.. Then select the second operation in the lower area - "Delete". and confirm your intentions to complete the action.

    5. Now let's touch "Behind".and press ... "Edit". next to the name «My albums»..

      Touch the plate "-"which appears in the upper left corner of the cover of the directory already empty for the storage of messenger content, and then confirm its destruction by clicking on the name option "Delete the album." at the bottom of the screen.


    In general, the procedure to delete the WhatsApp app and the content obtained in the process of using it from a mobile device is not characterized by its complexity and is available for any messenger user to do when required.

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