How to delete your Viber messenger account

How to delete your Viber messenger account

In order to completely stop using Viber and clean the service repository of your own registration data and other information, it is necessary to perform the procedure of deleting your messaging account. In this article, we will go through the steps you will need to take to solve the above task for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

How to delete a messaging account on Viber

The following instructions involve the complete destruction of your account on the Viber services, and following the recommendations will lead to the following consequences:

  • Account deactivation and inability to use the identifier (phone number) to access the messenger in the future.
  • All user data (name, information provided during registration, etc.) will be removed from the system. The information of the social network profiles previously associated with the messaging account will also be deleted.
  • The contact list previously used to transfer data with the account will be removed from the Viber servers.
  • All messages transmitted and received within the system are erased from the user's device.
  • All sticker packs purchased from the Service Store are removed.
  • After deactivating your Viber account, your Viber Out account will continue to be active for several months. In addition, the data necessary for the operation of the Viber Out service is deleted and the account linked to it is restored.
  • It is not possible to restore any data related to messaging (previously provided, received or sent through the system) once the account is deleted.

Therefore, it makes sense to deactivate a Viber account only for those users who do not plan to use the identifier removed from the service in the future, as well as those who do not need the information accumulated during the use of the messenger. In other cases, for example, to temporarily suspend the operation of the system, it is more reasonable to exit the Viber client application or uninstall it without deleting your account.

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It is possible to delete your messaging account with the Viber app for Android by following the simple instructions below.

  1. Launch the Viber client for Android and go to "Plus". of this application. Then open "Settings"..
  2. Go to screen "Bill".by tapping the item of the same name in the options menu. Press the name of the function "Deactivate account"..
  3. Once again, review the list of consequences of the operation in progress and confirm that you are willing to perform the operation by entering the identification number to be removed from the system in the corresponding field on the screen. To complete the procedure, press "DEACTIVATE THE ACCOUNT".and then confirm the system request by pressing "DEACTIVATE".
  4. This will restart the messenger and ask you to register again. Do so or uninstall the client app.

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Apple device owners who use Viber for iOS to access messaging functions delete accounts on the information sharing system in question by following this path.

  1. Open Viber on your iPhone, tap "Plus". at the bottom of the screen and then go to "Settings"..
  2. Select "Bill".. Next, tap on the name of the last option from the list that appears - "Deactivate account"..
  3. Confirm that you are willing to deactivate your account and destroy your data by entering your phone number, which is (for now) your identifier in the service, in the corresponding field. Then press "Deactivate account". and then confirm that you are ready to erase your data by tapping "Deactivate". in the query box.
  4. After deactivating the account, you can remove the Viber client program, because now its presence on the iPhone does not make any practical sense.

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Since the Viber for PC application, designed to access messaging functions from a Windows environment, is not inherently a standalone system client, it lacks many functions compared to mobile versions. This also applies to options that involve account management. Therefore, you will not be able to completely remove yourself from the messenger using the desktop version of Vyber. To do this, you must use one of the instructions (depending on the operating system of the mobile device) indicated in the previous article.

Destroying an account using the Viber clients for Android and iOS involves automatically logging out of the messenger cloning program for Windows as well. After the deactivation of the Viber account is complete, the client application that previously worked on the computer can be uninstalled.


Therefore, the deletion of the account, without which it is impossible to access the Viber functions, is not a difficult task and is available to be done by a user with any level of training. Do not forget that the operation is only possible with the help of messaging applications adapted for use on mobile devices.

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