How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Although the Facebook application allows you to share thousands of videos, it makes it practically impossible to download them. This happens not only to users who only watch the video, but also to those who post them. Therefore, today we are going to see how download any video from Facebook with iPhone.

Download Facebook Videos with Total Files

The first useful software to download videos from Facebook is «Total files»absolutely free and available directly on the App Store. This can automatically recognize the playing of a video from any site (Facebook included) and offer the download immediately.

  • Download the app at «Total files» by clicking on this link
  • Open Total Files and continue with the first setup
  • Click on the globe symbol in the lower right corner to launch the built-in browser
  • Access the Facebook website from the same application
  • Start playing the video you want to download
  • Click on the green tick symbol that appears when the video starts to play
  • Choose the save folder and wait for the download to finish

Download Facebook Videos with Safari

Starting with iOS 14, Safari offers all users the ability to download any content from the web and save it in an application folder "Archive" on the iPhone. So let's see how to take advantage of it to download videos from Facebook.

  • Open the Safari application and access your Facebook account
  • Find the video you want to download
  • Start playing the same video
  • Press and hold the Safari address bar at the top
  • Continue with "Copy"
  • Access the website of «Facebook video downloader» by clicking on this link
  • Paste the link you just copied into the center search bar
  • Conclude with "DOWNLOAD" to your right

Download videos from Facebook with «Commands»

Application "Commands" iPhone allows you to install previously developed mini-software capable of performing any type of operation (be it simple or advanced). Of course, you can also help us in this case.

Before you start, however, you will need to make sure you have the "Commands" application (or possibly download it from the App Store) and allow the installation of third-party commands. To do this, just open «Settings», continue with «Quick commands» and activate the "Untrusted Commands". Then you can proceed without problems.

  • Open "Safari" on the iPhone
  • Access the page of the command to download by clicking this link
  • Click the blue button "Get quick commands" at the bottom (the «Commands» application will open automatically)
  • Add the command to your gallery
  • Open the Safari application and access your Facebook account
  • Find the video you want to download
  • Start playing the same video
  • Click the share icon in the bottom center (square with an arrow pointing up)
  • Scroll down and click on the name of the command you just added (Social Media Downloader)

At this point you just have to wait for the application to perform the necessary operations and the video to download correctly.

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