How to download Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth is a game from Mojang and Microsoft available for free download on Android phones and iPhones (iOS). The adventure, which is similar to Pokémon GO, fuses augmented reality with a virtual environment and allows you to walk on the map of the real world, collect materials and interact with the game world.

Despite the similarities to the competitor, it also has many original elements. In addition, the title is much simpler than it seems and allows you to live in the world of Minecraft in a different way. From ik4, we want to show you how to download minecraft earth to take your first steps in the game.

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How to download Minecraft Earth step by step

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

  1. Access the official download page of Minecraft Earth.
  2. Select your preferred platform: Android or iOS.
  3. Click on «Download»To go to the download page of the platform of your choice.
  4. Complete the download on your device.

How to play

Minecraft Earth It has the same principles as Pokémon GO. You need to move in the real world so that your character also walks within the game. It is possible to play stopped for a few moments, but resources will be limited. Don't try to stay still for too long.

In Minecraft Earth, resources also appear on the map. However, the elements are: stone pieces, chests, trees, etc.. Tap one of them to go to the extraction screen.

In the extraction screen, tap the resource repeatedly to open it. Therefore, the player will be rewarded with specific items, to be used in construction. The features are not limited for now, however that could change in the future.

Within the construction mode, you will have the opportunity to insert a pre-designed map in its real environment using augmented reality. Unfortunately, unlike Pokémon GO, it is not possible to disable augmented reality in this game.

When placing a building, you can get resources from it by tapping the places. Simply tap, like you would in traditional Minecraft, to add pieces of wood, earth, animal parts, among others.

Finally, walk around the map and explore the possibilities of discovering new items, buildings and creatures. So over time the game will expand.

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