How to make money on Telegram? Telegram is one of the most interesting social networks today, its platform contains a great variety of advantages that other social networks have, in addition to multiple socialization alternatives, informative and a large number of groups that integrate various topics, and also the alternative that its users can generate economic income with it, then we will tell you several ways to do it.

The ways to earn money

As we already indicated the ways to generate income from this application they are varied and they adapt to the tastes and needs of each of the users.

Paid subscriptions

This is one of the most common alternatives, you simply create a channel in which you offer benefits for users and you charge to be part of it. It is important to point out that users who pay to belong to a channel in this application are not going to do so for any content, you must provide them with quality content that they cannot find in other channels and that is attractive to the target you want to reach.


This is a more delicate method to handle, because although there is a group of people who are willing to collaborate with certain causes, not all people have this disposition, this group is moderately limited. But if that is what you want, we recommend that you create a channel in which the people who want it can enter and in its description indicate that it is a donationIn the same way, select a payment method and indicate it to people.

Affiliate programs

Instagram channels can be used to share affiliate links, these have a code that is validated each time a person makes a purchase from other devices, that is, when other users make any purchase, you receive a percentage of the other user's purchase.

How to do it is simple, open an account on a website for this purpose, select a product and create an affiliate link, this is the link that you will send to your contacts and when they make the purchase you will receive a percentage for this "advertisement" or purchase suggestion.


This case is very obvious, create a channel in which you can put the sell the products that you want, we recommend that they be quality products, of common use and with an accessible price for people and that they are in good condition, remember that your reputation is what will bring you more customers.

Creating a channel

  • The first is enter and associate to Telegram.
  • Choose the channel creation alternative.
  • Enter the link from your website or social media.
  • The system will give you the option of creating a public or private channel.
  • Select an image that can be used identify your channel.
  • Finally verify your desire to create the channel.
  • And that's it so you can create your channel in which you can select topic or the topics that interest you the most and earn money with some of the alternatives that we told you before.