How to eliminate noise in Sony Vegas Pro

From time to time, people who record audio for their videos, face the appearance of various types of noise, which are associated with the external environment or the peculiarities of the equipment used. That is why it seems necessary to eliminate extraneous noises in the editing phase. For this, the program in which the film is mounted is usually used. In today's guide we will take as an example a popular video editor called Sony Vegas.

Sound Noise Removal in Sony Vegas Pro

Today we are going to look at two noise removal principles with a built-in special effect that specifically target this task. Its algorithm is near perfect, allowing you to almost always get a decent result. However, let's take a closer look at each of the available methods.

Method 1: Eliminate noise in an audio track

First, let's talk about a situation where a single video track has been loaded into Sony Vegas with a recording of the voice or what is happening around it. Normally, in this type of project, the Sound Bands is the same, so an adequate effect is imposed. This action is carried out in a very simple way:

    1. Launch Sony Vegas and go create a new project from the menu "File"..
    2. Use your own settings or leave all the default values ​​if you don't know what to change.
    3. Navigate to the open files by clicking the corresponding button located in the upper horizontal bar.

    1. In the browser, select the desired items and press thebutton. "Opened"..
    2. If the recording has not been automatically moved to the editor track, do it yourself by holding down the LCM on it and moving it down.
    3. On the right side of the audio track, find the special effects button and click it to display the library of all instruments.
    4. Look for the line "Noise gate on the track" and select it with the left mouse button.

  1. Click on "Add"and then "AGREE"..
  2. The edit window will open immediately. Here it is recommended to choose a preset first, which depends on the overall noise level and its aggressiveness. For example, if the volume is slightly increased, it is better to select "Slow attack"and louder presets when strange sounds are pronounced.
  3. The rest of the work will be done by moving the sliders, where you specify the suppression level, the noise appearance time, and the silence period.
  4. Start playing the track, then listen to the changes as you move the sliders to find the optimal value.

However, this method is ineffective when there are many added audio tracks, because you will have to assign a noise reduction tool to each one separately and adjust it each time. In these cases, it is recommended to use the following option.

Method 2: Remove noise from all audio tracks in the project

Sometimes a Sound Bands consists of several separate parts, but the same effect must be applied to each of them. In these situations, we recommend using batch processing:

  1. Repeat the first instruction up to the sixth step, and then click the menu icon for the audio track to open a pop-up list.
  2. Select the item "Track FX".
  3. Various effects will already be added by default, but they have little effect on the overall quality of the playback and are now useless for you, so go ahead and add a new instrument by clicking the button. “Fx”. with a green plus.
  4. Select an effect "Noise gate on the track" and add it.
  5. The configuration is done exactly the same as in the previous method.

Once the operation is completed, it will only be necessary to check again that all the settings are correct, complete the editing operation and send the file to the renderer.

There are many more useful tools, plug-ins, and features in Sony Vegas for enhancing video quality, customizing editing, and much more. In another article on our website you will find a detailed description of all the most popular features of this software. The link to this material is provided below.

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Now you know everything about using the noise reduction tool in the popular Sony Vegas video editor. You no longer have to worry about these difficulties, because they are corrected in the blink of an eye.

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