How to enable video of conference participants in Zoom

This article describes the techniques that consist in turning on the cameras of the users who join the session organized through the service, that is, on the remote computers and on the mobile devices. The methods for activating your own video capture device in Zoom for Windows, Android, and iOS are described in a separate article on our website:

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Option 1: Windows

Of course, in Zoom the video stream captured by the camera of this or that person can be available to be seen by other participants of the service only if the first one wishes, and there are no functions that allow including the video of "another person" to force into the system and it can't be. At the same time, the conference organizer has a choice Option «Ask to include the video».The Zoom program, accessed through the PC software, is described in the following instructions.

Ordinary conference participants have no choice but to voice the camera activation request by a specific user into a microphone or send it to a chat room to solve the problem in question.

    1. Once in the conference, bring up the list of participants by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window.

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the name of the user whose camera you want to activate, click the button that appears in the name area Button «Extras»..

    On the menu that appears, click "Ask for the video to come on.".

    The option in question has another call option:

      • In the conference window, hover over the area with the name of one or the other participant.

    • Click the button that appears in the upper right corner of the area "...".
    • Click on "Ask to turn on the video" from the menu of available actions that is displayed.
  2. After completing one of the steps outlined above, the other service member will receive a notification "The organizer has asked you to turn on the video." and they will be able to confirm or reject it by tapping on their device accordingly "Turn on my video." o "Later"..
  3. If another user decides to initiate a video broadcast, the image of their surroundings will instantly appear in their Zoom window and on the service clients of other participants in the online conference.

Option 2: Android and iOS

In the Zoom mobile app, the option "Ask to turn on the video" it works and is called according to the same principles as in the previous client on PC.

  1. When you are on the online conference screen, tap on your main area to bring up the toolbar at the bottom. Press "Participants". and on the next screen, touch the name of the user to whom you plan to send the request to turn on the camera.
  2. In the menu that appears, press "Ask to turn on the video". If necessary, repeat the procedure for other people, and then press "Close". to return to the conference.
  3. Wait for the other user to decide if he wants to activate the video broadcast, as soon as he clicks "Enable my video." Upon request, you and the other participants of the session organized through Zoom will have access to view the image.

Optional. Remote control of someone else's camera

When organizing work with video streams broadcast through Zoom, in addition to the function designed to "prompt" a conference organizer of a particular user to start displaying an image, it is possible to activate and use another feature - "Camera control.". This feature is available to all participants in a communication session and allows you to remotely switch between the video capture devices (multiple webcams on a PC or the front / main camera on a mobile device) of the callers.

Step 1: Activate the option in the Zoom profile

By default, the function of giving access to your cameras to other Zoom members is deactivated in the user profiles, so you must follow the following instructions to be able to use it.

The parameter in question must be enabled in the two people who participate in the interconnection process: the one requesting control of the camera and the one providing it.

  1. Open any web browser, follow the link below to Zoom's official website, Zoom's online conferencing service official site
  2. Click on "INSCRIPTION". at the top of the web page, sign in.
  3. Ir a "Settings". from the list of configuration sections presented on the left side of the page.
  4. Scroll through the tab information "Conference".Before the block "In conference (extended)".
  5. This is where the option «Camera remote control» -click the switch to the right of it to the position "On.".

Step 2: Using the camera's remote control

  1. When joining a conference in Zoom, request access to the camera of one of your participants:
    • В Zoom for Windows right-click on the area of ​​the window that shows another user's video, from the menu that appears, select "Camera control request.".
    • To transmit a request via Zoom mobile app to display the list of conference participants, tap on the name of the desired user, tap "Camera control request." in the menu that appears.
  2. You then require another user to confirm your request in your Zoom application, and as a result you will be able to switch the video streams captured by the remote device's cameras in a window or on the conference screen of your application.

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