How to Clear Memory on iPhone or iPad: 40 Ways

How to Clear Memory on iPhone or iPad: 40 Ways

With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple finally abandoned the production of mobile devices with 16 GB of on-board storage. Modern realities say that the use of gadgets with so much free space (and in fact it is less, and for that reason) is not life, but some kind of existence. If you are the owner of an iPhone or iPad of this type or you just want to free up disk space to the maximum, we will tell you how to do it in the most efficient way possible.

How much free space is left on iPhone or iPad and how is disk space used?

When going to  Settings → General → About this device,  you can find general data on available and used space, as well as information on the number of media files.


If you need specific information, you should go to  Settings → General → iPhone Storage.


Here you can see a complete list of the applications installed on the device, including the » Photos «,» Music »Standard and others. Next to each application, the amount of disk space used and the date of last use are displayed.

The following ways to free up space on a device include obvious steps and methods that even experienced users are not aware of.

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Starting with iOS 11, the mobile operating system received a number of helpful recommendations to quickly and easily free up space on the iPhone and iPad. The instructions not only let you know how much memory is being used, but they also provide simple methods for freeing up storage space.


How to Manage Storage on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

1 . Open the app Configuration .

2 . Click on General → IPhone storage .

3 . Recommendations are displayed at the top of the screen. Use them to free up space on your iPhone or iPad.

4 . Click on Mostrar todo for a full list of recommendations.


Below the recommendations, in descending order, is a list of apps that take up the most space. Next to each of them is the date of the last use of the program.

Also in the settings there was an additional option "System" , which allows you to find out how much memory the operating system occupies.


By analogy with iOS 10, when you touch an application, more detailed information about it is displayed. Some programs allow you to edit and delete data directly (for example, Safari), while others offer the ability to download or uninstall the application.

If you use the option » Download unused apps »Or you do it manually, the program will be removed, but your data will be preserved. If you download the program again, you will be able to use the saved information.



Restart your iPhone or iPad


This method will firstly improve performance and secondly clean the operating system cache, the volume of which increases with each user action. To ensure that a lot of junk accumulates on your device over time, you can search iTunes under the »tab. Other «.


This is where it shows how loaded the cache is. The amount of garbage accumulated is often measured in gigabytes. Unfortunately, rebooting doesn't clear the entire cache, but it still helps to free up some space on the device.

We recommend that you restart at least every two weeks. If you never restart the device, there is a chance that you will encounter the problem described here.


If the user daily downloads new content to his device and actively works with it, then the device can be restarted more frequently.

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Delete the iOS update that you downloaded to your device


The operating system downloads new updates to the iPhone and iPad by default, which are stored in memory, waiting for the user to install them. However, many of them do not want to switch to the current versions of the platform, and in this case, you can safely remove the installation files, especially since they tend to take up a lot of memory.


To get rid of these updates, you must open the "Settings" , go to the menu "General" , go to "Storage and iCloud" section and in the » Bonded warehouse »Click on the item» Manage «. After that, you need to find the latest firmware update and remove it.

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Delete the apps you don't need

If you don't know why you need this or that application installed (and this is the case with inveterate "buns") or you have not started the program or game for more than a month, then it is better to say goodbye to them. All download history is saved to your personal Apple ID profile ( App Store → Updates → Purchases ) and, if necessary, it will not be difficult to download the application again.

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Pay attention to popular messengers like Facebook. Not all of them provide the ability to clear the cache and therefore the program needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. These applications, with heavy use, can easily take up gigabytes of free space.


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Delete unnecessary photos and videos

This point is perhaps the most essential. As a general rule, it is the photo and video content that takes the main place in the drives of our iPhones and iPads.

To delete unwanted photos and videos, open the app Photos , Click the button Select in the upper right corner and select the unwanted content. You can highlight not only with tapes (individual photos and videos), but also with a swipe without raising your hands (whole rows). After highlighting the required images and videos, click on the Trash in the lower right corner.


The deletion of data in the shopping cart frees up space on your iPhone and iPad. Then clean the shopping cart going to the tab Photos of the application Photos and select Recently removed .


Click the button Select in the upper right corner, select the unnecessary content or (to delete all at once) click the button remove all in the lower left corner.


If you want to store your photos in the "cloud", but are not satisfied with the amount of free space in iCloud or Apple's price for cloud storage, use the free unlimited storage of Google Photos (copies of photos and videos uploaded to Google Cloud will be automatically removed from the device) or Yandex.Disk.



Prevent downloading iOS updates

You can also cancel the download of platform updates so you don't have to manually remove them later. To do this, you need to follow this link from your device and install the tvOS 11 Beta software profile on your iPhone or iPad. Then you will need to restart the device.


After these steps, the system will stop downloading updates on the iPhone or iPad. If the user requires new firmware, to install it, it will first be necessary to remove the beta software profile from tvOS 11.

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Delete attachments in Messages (iMessage)


Attachments in messages can also take up a lot of space on your device. To get rid of excess load, you need to go to the application Messages , open any conversation and click the button » Details «, Which is in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you need to click on any attached file and hold it down until the menu item » More «; select it and decide which materials you want to remove. After that, click on » Delete attachment »And all unnecessary files will be erased from the device memory.

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Set a limit on the storage time for audio and video messages


All audio and video messages that the user receives on their device are saved in the device memory by default. As a result, they pile up and start to take up a lot of space. IOS has the ability to set the retention period for such messages. To do this, go to "Settings" , go to " Posts" → "Audio messages" o » Messages from video" and in the menu "Expires"  select the time after which unnecessary information will be deleted from memory.

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Set storage times for SMS and iMessage


You can also set how long text messages are stored. To do this, open "Settings" , go to "Messages" , then go to «Leave messages» and mark the item "30 days" . After these steps, the text messages in the Messages app will be deleted after 30 days. That is, only the messages from the last month will remain in the memory of the iPhone or iPad.

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Turn off photo sequence


Although the option Photo Stream , which shares photo and video content between user devices, is inherently very convenient, but if there is a lack of space on the device, it is better to disable it. This is done very simply: go to "Settings" go to the menu "Fotos" and disable the function «My photos in sequence» there .

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Turn off iCloud photo sharing


Another convenient option that is better to turn off if the free memory on the device is getting smaller and smaller: «Share photos from iCloud» . This feature offers the ability to create shared albums with other users.

When the option is activated, all the content of the shared albums is automatically transferred to the storage, thus taking up space on the gadget. You can disable the function in the "Settings" , in the section "Fotos"  ; there you need to change the slider in front of the item » Share iCloud Photos «.

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Use cloud services


Photos and videos can also be stored in the "cloud" on third-party resources: Google Photos, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, and others. All of these services provide free storage to which you can transfer content by loading the iPhone or iPad memory. It is only important to make sure before deleting photos and videos from the device that they have been completely copied to the "cloud".




Disable saving of default HDR originals


Application Camera By default, it saves the original photos to the device when you take HDR photos. This, of course, also affects the amount of memory. To disable saving of originals, you must open the "Settings" , then go to section "Camera" and there move the slider opposite the element "Keep original" to the OFF position.

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Delete unnecessary podcasts


Podcasts to which the user is subscribed are automatically downloaded to the device. If you don't follow this process, downloaded materials can soon take up a significant amount of memory. Delete unnecessary new and old podcasts in the corresponding app. There we find unnecessary records, we click on the icon with three dots in front of them and select the element "Delete loaded object" .

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Configure the deletion of listened podcasts


To avoid wasting time manually deleting podcasts you have listened to, you can easily automate this process. To do this, go to "Settings" , select Podcasts and in the window that opens, activate the option «Delete reproduced» .

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Delete unnecessary books from iBooks


Even the content of a standard iBooks reader can negatively affect the free memory space of the device. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check if there is any material in the application that needs to be removed. To do this, start the reader, click the button "Change" In the window that opens, search for unnecessary books and magazines, mark them and delete them from the database.

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Connect Apple Music


A significant number of users clog the device memory with music. However, in our time, to listen to audio, it is not at all necessary to download it to your device. And with the Apple Music streaming service, there is no need to store your favorite music on your device.

A subscription to the service costs 169 rubles a month (you can listen to 45 rubles a month, see the instructions below), but the first three months you can use it for free. Apple Music has a huge database of music content from different genres and categories from around the world, as well as personal picks and online radio stations. Registration for the service is done in the application » Music" .

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Clear the cache of the mail app


Often after deleting all emails and attachments from la application e-mail , the application itself continues to take up a lot of space on the device. The reason for this is the program's cache, which accumulates in memory and can eventually reach several gigabytes in size. You can find out how much the app "weighs" mail en "Settings" . There we open the tab "General" , we entered the "Storage and iCloud" section , we are going to "Storage" and we click on "Manage" there .


As for the cache, there is only one way to clean it. To do this, you need to remove the app itself from the device and then reinstall it from the App Store. This will free the program from garbage and thus increase the free space on the device. You should only uninstall the application if you remember your details for authorization in your email account.

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Clear your iTunes cache


Do you usually rent movies from iTunes (instructions)? Be prepared for the fact that the cache is likely to be replenished with a few extra gigabytes. To erase it completely, you need to log out of the iOS settings and log back into your Apple ID account and as a control measure, restart the device (simultaneously press and hold the keys Home y  On and hold until the Apple logo appears (10-15 seconds).

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Optimize Apple Music Storage

If you purchase a paid Apple Music subscription, you will have access to the Optimize Storage feature ( Settings → Music ). In it, you can set the maximum amount of space allocated for compositions. When the limit is reached, the app will automatically delete the old songs you listened to the least.


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Disable automatic media uploads on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.

The popular WhatsApp messenger (also applies to Viber, Telegram, etc.), by default, saves all the multimedia content of the correspondence in the standard iOS media library. Not only does it occupy free disk space, but the » Camera Roll »Will be filled with mostly unnecessary garbage.


To disable automatic upload, go to client settings → Chats and set the switch next to » Save media »In the inactive position. We write more about this here.

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Clear your Safari cache

To delete the Safari cache (page views, images, etc.) open  Preferences → Safari  and click " Clear history and site data «.


And if you go to the section » Accessories «, You can delete the data from the site, if there is any.



Clear reading list cache in Safari


The Safari Reading List is an option that allows you to access individual articles and pages on the Web without an Internet connection. However, the saved data takes up a lot of space, so it is recommended to clear the cache from the list from time to time. To do this, in the "Settings" go to the «General» section , and from there to "IPhone Storage" . Next, go to the Safari section and delete the unnecessary files from the tab Offline list .


Clear the cache of other applications


Almost all applications and games, while on the device, save temporary files on it. To get rid of excess cargo, you will need to follow the route "Settings" -> "General" -> "IPhone Storage" . There you will have to search for all the apps and games yourself and, when possible, clear your cache.


In the settings of a large number of third-party programs, there is a function to clear the cache. Don't be too lazy to rush through those corners to remove irrelevant data and free up space.


Reinstall games and applications


An alternative to the previous method. You can get rid of temporary files in apps and games simply by deleting them from your device and then reinstalling them from the App Store.


Reinstall the social media clients (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


A lot of junk accumulates on the device due to social media apps. This category of utilities, as a rule, is very actively used by users, because a large number of temporary files quickly accumulate on the device. The easiest way to get rid of them is to reinstall the client. That is, you must delete and re-download from the App Store the application that requires cleaning the garbage.


Remove unwanted voices on iOS

If you've ever used the disabled Siri features and downloaded additional languages, be sure to uninstall them. The size of languages ​​typically takes up several hundred megabytes of disk space. They are used in VoiceOver whereby the assistant speaks the names of the items on the screen.


Go to  Settings → General → Accessibility → VoiceOver → Voice → Voice , and then remove the additional languages.


A smart way to erase your memory that you may not know

If the device is catastrophically small, it can be quickly released in a complicated way, which is described in detail here. You need to select a large app, game, or movie and download it to your device. The system will register that there is not enough space on the iPhone or iPad to download and will independently start getting rid of unnecessary temporary files, which are practically impossible to reach on your own.


First, you need to find out how much free memory is on the device and select an application or game whose size exceeds this memory. It goes without saying that after installing such software, it will need to be removed immediately.

It happens that the selected application does not want to be downloaded to the device; this means that there is very little space left on the device. In this case, select a program with a smaller size.


Use specialized programs to erase iPhone and iPad memory

Third-party developers offer many utilities (for example, iPhone Care Pro or PhoneClean) that will automatically help you get rid of unnecessary temporary files. It happens that after using them, several gigabytes of memory are freed on the device at once. Using these utilities is extremely simple: they all have an intuitive interface.

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Factory reset iPhone or iPad


If all the methods have not had a tangible effect, you can resort to radical actions: erase all the content and settings of your device (detailed instructions). It is important to realize that after this procedure , all files will be deleted device and it will be restored to factory settings. Therefore, you should take care of creating data backups in advance. You can "reboot" your iPhone or iPad this way: open "Settings" go to "General" , Select "Restart" and there haz click on "Delete content and settings" .


Install the latest version of iOS


At one point, users complained that iOS 9 was taking up too much space during installation. The developers took this into account and optimized the size of iOS, starting with version 11. Therefore, if the device lacks free space, this can be solved by updating the firmware to "dozen" or later.

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And some simpler tips to help free up space on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Transfer or delete photos from programs that do not save images in the Photos application (VSCO, Camera +, etc.).
  • You can also limit the background activity of some programs. This is done in "Settings" -> "General" -> "Content update" .
  • It doesn't hurt to check if the old notes to be deleted are not covered in dust in la application Dictaphone .
  • You can disable automatic download of content (updates, applications, books, music) in Configuration , in the App Store and iTunes Store menus.
  • System languages ​​that you are not using can be disabled in Configuration , In the General section , In the tab Language and region .
  • Also, it won't be superfluous to get rid of those auto-correct text options that you don't have to use. This is done in "Settings" -> "General" -> "Keyboard"  -> "Text replacement" .
  • If necessary, you can lower the resolution when recording video. To do this, you must open "Settings" , go to «Photos and camera» and select "Video recording" .
  • You can also remove unwanted third-party and third-party keyboard language keyboard in "Settings" , section "Basic" , eyelash "Keyboard" , paragraph "Keyboard" .

This is the end of the known ways to free up memory on iPhone and iPad. If you know of other effective methods to deal with garbage build-up on iOS devices, please share them in the comments.

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