How to find a lost iPhone and protect the data stored on it

How to find a lost iPhone and protect the data stored on it

A modern smartphone is not only an expensive and necessary device, but also a repository of a large amount of confidential information, which must not under any circumstances reach unauthorized persons. Naturally, Apple has implemented several layers of protection, however, they have yet to learn how to use them.

In fact, even the most active iPhone user is unlikely to want unauthorized persons to gain access to their personal correspondence, photos, cloud services, contact list, etc. For protect your data from unauthorized access, follow the guidelines below to help secure your device in case of theft or loss.

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Location services

To find an iPhone lost, you need to know its location. That is why there are geolocation services that determine the coordinates of the device quite precisely if you have access to the Internet. When you activate iOS for the first time, the operating system itself asks for permission to use geolocation, and then this parameter can be configured by going to Configuration -> Privacy policy -> location servicesHere, the “checkbox” “Find My iPhone " (Search my Iphone) must be set to the active position. Many users deliberately disable geolocation in the iPhone. However, to save battery power, this service is the main assistant when looking for a lost or stolen smartphone.

Search iPhone

The function Find My iPhone is a versatile tool to remotely find and monitor a lost device. At the same time, some inexperienced users install the Find iPhone app on your smartphone, which is not necessary (except to search for other devices). Find My iPhone it is native and can also be used from iCloud (via the browser at .
The location of the device will be displayed on the map. The user can do the following:

  • Play sound. The iPhone will beep until the passcode is entered or the smartphone is set to silent mode;
  • Activate the » Lost mode “, after which it will be possible to remotely set a device lock password, as well as send a text message to it;
  • Erase iPhone. This function will delete all data on the device.

digital password

Despite its simplicity, the phone's password protection feature is the most important and effective. First, by taking over your smartphone, an attacker will not be able to access sensitive data, and second, disable location services. Naturally, many users ignore the security rules not to enter the password dozens of times a day, however, in this case, you simply need to set the password protection activation time. You can find this section in the menu Configuration  -\ u003e General  -\ u003e Password Protection .

Also, you can set the “Clear data” checkbox » in the active position: this function will delete all the information on the device if the digital password is entered incorrectly 10 times, which eliminates the possibility of guessing the password. However, at the same time, you need to make sure that the smartphone does not fall into the hands of a child who, while playing, will delete important data.

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