How to find out your Steam ID

How to find out your Steam ID

Each user of the Steam games service has a unique identifier, which is necessary to fill the internal wallet through various payment systems such as Qiwi, work with the Steam API, send a request to the technical support of the game developers, for For example, through the 2K company website and for other purposes. It's impossible to find out with Steam tools, but there are some solutions.

How to find out your Steam ID

It's worth keeping in mind that different users and organizations can mean two different things by the term Steam ID. Some people really need a personal account id, which looks like STEAM_0: X: XXXXXXXXand others need a personal link - a link in the format Or simply (a personal address set manually and with any number of characters).

Officially, the Steam ID refers to the first option, the account link is called "personal link." Let's see how to find out these two parameters, since by "ID" users understand different types of data.

Method 1: Personal Link

If you are interested in finding a personal link instead of an identifier, this option would be the simplest, since it does not require the intervention of any additional services. Simply enter the Steam client and copy the address of your page or of any other user, whose link you want. It's in the address bar at the top of the window and it's highlighted in green.

You can also right-click on the empty space and select «Copy the page address»..

Method 2: Online Services

If you don't need the link itself, but rather an identifier, you will have to get the private link first as shown in 1 method..

You will then need to use one of the online services that help you determine the identifier. We will not describe your work, as it is identical: a personal link is inserted in the format o and get all the information you need about the profile.

The most disinformative service, which only shows the ID without any additional data.

Go to


Here, in addition to STEAMID, you will get additional information, if you need it. This includes SteamID3, SteamID64, the unique URL that the user set, the profile status (open or closed), the creation date, the name, the location (if the name and location are provided by the user), the status (online / offline), the date of the last visit and the personal link to the profile.

Go to the STEAMID I / O site

Steam ID Finder

A service that also displays additional information about the profile: username, country, account creation date and last visit, current status (online or offline), visibility settings (public or private). In addition, you can find out if the profile was not banned by VAC-anticheat, or if it is allowed to make exchanges or participate in discussions in the community. From the basic data SteamID, SteamID3, SteamID32, SteamID64, nickname, profile link with personal URL and permanent personal link. From here you can immediately send a request to add the person as a friend or go to their DotaBuff (relevant for those who play Dota 2).

Go to the Steam ID Finder website

Method 3: Game Console

The user ID can be found right during multiplayer games. Some of them support working with the console, like Counter Strike, Dota 2, which means that, using this, you can find out the ID of any player who is with you on the same server. To do this, just activate it in the game settings (if there is that possibility or need).

The console by default is opened by pressing the check mark (icon ~ on the keyboard). In it, type the command status, press I went into and next to each nick you will see their personal identifier, which you can copy.

Now you know the basic and convenient ways to determine the SteamID of users of the Steam game service.

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