How to fix an error in Google Play services

How to fix an error in Google Play services

When using Android devices, an information window may appear from time to time stating that there is an error in the Google Play Services application. Don't panic, it's not a critical bug and can be fixed in a few minutes.

Fixing a bug in the Google Play Services app

To get rid of the error, it is necessary to identify the cause of its origin, which can be hidden in the simplest action. The possible causes of the failure of Google Play Services and how to solve the problem will be explained below.

Method 1: Set the current date and time on your device

It seems trivial, but an incorrect date and time could be one of the possible causes of the failure of Google Play Services. To check if the data has been entered correctly, go to "Settings". and go to "Date and Time"..

In the window that appears, make sure that the specified time zone and other indicators are correct. If they are incorrect and the change by the user is prohibited, deactivate the "Network date and time."by moving the slider to the left, and enter the correct data.

If these steps don't help, go to the next options.

Method 2: Clear the Google Play Services cache

To clear the temporary data of an application, in "Settings". from the device go to "Applications"..

In the list, find and click "Google Play services".to go to the application management.

For Android OS versions lower than 6.0, the option "Clear cache." it will be available immediately in the first window. In version 6 and higher, first go to "Memory". (o "Stock".) and only then will you see the desired button.

Restart your device - after that the error should go away. Otherwise, try the next method.

Method 3: Uninstall Google Play Services updates

In addition to clearing the cache, you can also try clearing the app updates, returning it to its original state.

  1. To get started. "Settings". go to section "Security"..
  2. Then open the item "Device administrators".
  3. Then click on the line Find the device ».
  4. In the window that appears, press thebutton. "Disconnect"..
  5. Now through "Settings". go to Services. As with the previous method, press "Menu". at the bottom of the screen and select «Delete updates».. Also on other devices, the menu may be in the upper right corner (three dots).
  6. After that, a message will appear in the notification bar saying that you need to update Google Play Services for it to work properly.
  7. To restore your data, go to the notification bar and on the Play Market page, tap "Refresh"..

If this method didn't work, you can try another.

Method 4: Delete and restore the account

Do not delete an account unless you are sure you remember its real username and password. In this case, you risk losing a lot of important account-related data, so make sure you remember your email and password exactly.

    1. Ir a "Settings". to section "Accounts"..
    2. Then select "Google"..
    3. Go to your email account.
    4. Tap on "Delete account". and confirm the action by pressing the corresponding button in the displayed window. On some devices, the wipe will be hidden in the menu in the upper right corner, indicated by three dots.
    5. To restore the account, go back to the "Accounts". and at the end of the list, click "Add Account"..
    6. Now select. "Google"..
    7. Enter the phone number or email of your account in the space provided and press "Next"..

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    1. Then enter your password and press "Next"..

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  1. And finally, confirm that you have read the "Privacy Policy". и "Terms of use".by clicking on the button "To accept"..

After that, your account will be added back to the Play Store. If this method has not worked either, you will have to reset the device to factory settings, erasing all the information on the device.

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Therefore, defeating the Google Services error is not that difficult, the main thing is to choose the right way.

We are glad that we were able to help you resolve the issue.

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