How to fix “Failed to retrieve” error in Cydia caused by repository

How to fix “Failed to retrieve” error in Cydia caused by repository

Many iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users who received an iOS 7 jailbreak faced the following issue: Some repositories previously available on Cydia became inaccessible and access error messages appeared during the package update process.

One of them is "Failed to fetch […] HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found «. Fixing this error is quite simple.

"404 Not Found" is one of the standard HTTP server response codes. It indicates that the user's client program, such as a web browser, cannot connect to the server. In most cases, this error does not affect the operation of the service in any way, however, the store issues this warning and some may have the impression that Cydia it is unstable.

In fact, in this case, this error code only indicates that there are problems accessing the UltraSn0w repository. To get rid of the annoying message, just disable the repository of the team development in settings , which contains the previously popular setting for unlocking the iPhone: UltraSn0w. For iPhone 4 and above, this font has no practical value. It can be removed without risk to the operation of the entire application. Tweak Ultrasn0w, if needed, can be found in other repositories.

To disable the application source, in this case the Dev Team (, in the app Cydia, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Open Cydia -> Manage -> Fonts -> Edit and disable (remove) the source of the team development at

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