How to fix errors in the Mail app for OS X Mavericks

Users OS X Mavericks have experienced significant issues with the app standard mail. Therefore, viewed letters were designated as unread and many incoming messages were deleted entirely.

In addition, there were several minor but annoying issues that caused many users of OS X they will stop using Mail completely and switch to alternative services. But luckily, Apple released an update that fixes the above issues and now users of OS X Mavericks they can continue to use the mail app safely.

How to fix errors in the Mail app for OS X Mavericks

  • Close the application e-mail;
  • Go to the main Apple menu and select «Software update“;
  • Go to menu updates and install Mail Update for Mavericks.

The update is only 32,46 MB and easy to install. Users do not need to delete old accounts or create new accounts in the Mail app, as the app syncs with the mail services they use.

Users who still have issues with the app after installing the update can try manually reinstalling their email account.

Updating Mail OS X Mavericks fixes bugs that could cause Gmail to delete, move, and archive emails. Additionally, we fixed an issue where messages that were read would remain marked as unread. Additional fixes improve app stability and compatibility Mail.

It is worth noting that the app update Mail can also be downloaded without going through Mac App Store.