How to fix keyboard lag on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in iOS 7?

Many users iPad y iPhone complain about problems with the new platform iOS 7. Due to the "lag" of the new operating system, some owners, performance and optimization began to compare with Android-based devices.

One of the most common problems is delay in displaying letters when typing using the virtual keyboard, the exact reasons for the instability when writing letters in iOS 7 are not yet known. However, it was found that most of the complaints about “system slowness come from mobile device users Apple older.

The reason, most likely, lies in the wrong update of the operating system. Some settings from the previous version may have carried over to the new firmware, which can cause similar issues. It's easy to get the keyboard back to normal in iOS 7.

How to fix keyboard lag on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in iOS 7?

  • Go to menu «Configuration"->"General";
  • Scroll down to the «Reset” and go there;
  • Select the option «Reset all settings«, perform the procedure twice;
  • If the device has a password, enter it.

After such manipulations, the iPhone o iPad it should reboot and display the system reboot prompt. During the reset procedure, the data on the mobile device will not be deleted, iOS 7 it will only restore to factory settings. After performing all the above manipulations, the keyboard will return to normal operation.