How to get a sponge in Minecraft. Sponges allow players to quickly dispose of large amounts of water blocks in one place, making them very useful for underwater exploration and construction. From ik4 we are going to show you how to get sponges and also how to use them in minecraft, a game available for download on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and in a mobile version for download on Android and iPhone (iOS).

Sponges cannot be crafted like other items. You have to find them in Ocean monuments, the great temples that are randomly generated in the middle of the ocean. To the defeat an elder guardian, a large one-eyed aquatic creature that inhabits the temple, the player receives at least one sponge as a reward. The best way to get sponges is find little "sponge rooms" inside the monuments, usually with openings underneath, which contain large amounts of the block.

To use a sponge, simply place it near the water like a common block. It will absorb all adjacent blocks of water up to seven blocks away. If there are other blocks of water sources further out, they will likely regain the area quickly, but if there is a limited amount, a sponge can soak up all the surrounding water. After absorbing the water, the item turns into a damp sponge and needs to be placed in an oven to dry and reuse. A tip for drying multiple sponges quickly is simply place them in the Nether, where the water evaporates immediately.

How to get a sponge in Minecraft

Get a sponge in Minecraft

  1. looking for a Ocean monument somewhere in the ocean.
  2. Explore the temple until you find a Elder Guardian.
  3. Defeat it and it will leave a damp sponge Among other items.
  4. Now find a room with sponges to increase your stock.
  5. Dry the sponges in an oven or place them in the Nether to be able to use them.