Know how to heal a zombie villager it is possible by following some tips. The game has a special type of monster among its enemies: the Zombie villager. There are several villages inhabited by villagers throughout the Minecraft block world and when villagers are attacked by the "undead" they can turn into zombies.

While many players take out these zombie villagers like a regular monster, it is possible to heal them with a little effort. From, let's show you how save a Zombie Villager in Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

How to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft step by step

Zombie villager in Minecraft

Zombie villager in Minecraft

Healing a zombie villager is a bit difficult as it requires some complex steps:

First, the player must create a potion of weakness and then a Golden Apple, I know use together, they will heal the zombie. However, the process takes some time and during this period, the player cannot move away from the Zombie so that it does not disappear, in addition to protect it from the sun so it does not burn like other undead. If the user walks away from him, it is very likely that the character will simply disappear like many other monsters do.

How to make a potion of weakness

  1. Gather a spider eye, a brown mushroom and a handful of sugar to create fermented spider eye.
  2. In a potion container, mix a nether mushroom with three bottles of water for three strange potions.
  3. Mix Fermented Spider Eye with the Three Strange Potions to obtain three potions of weakness.
  4. Mix the gunpowder, obtained from Creepers, in the three potions of weakness to turn them into potions of weakness that can be thrown.

How to save a zombie villager

  1.  Lure a zombie villager to a trap where it will be protected from sunlight. It can range from a complicated Redstone trap to a simple hole in the ground.
  2. After capturing the zombie villager, throw him a potion of weakness.
  3. Give the zombie villager a golden apple made from one apple and eight gold bars.
  4. Wait near the Zombie until it returns to its human form.

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