How to hide standard app icons in iOS 7 beta 3

With a myriad of workarounds, few people use the default apps, but their icons take up an unacceptable amount of desktop space. Officially, it is supposedly impossible to remove them from there in iOS 7In fact, a funny flaw was discovered the other day, providing a clue to solving the problem.

For discovering a useful feature, it is worth thanking an enthusiastic user, who, together with colleagues from all over the world, is actively testing iOS7beta3. Through the efforts of these people, Apple receives a lot of information and there is no doubt that by the fall, the new system will be studied from top to bottom, and all errors will be identified and corrected. Fortunately, you can download and install a trial version of the operating system on your i-gadgets for free and without activation. And the malfunction with the icon interface is far from the first on the list of those detected.

How to hide standard app icons in iOS 7 beta 3

Hide standard app icons in iOS 7 beta 3 it's easy, although the algorithm is somewhat illogical.

  • First, we must drag any arbitrary folder to the desktop and arrange the icons so that they occupy all the space on the screen.
  • Next, select the one we are going to remove from view, and hold it down, parallel to the other finger, double-click on the «Start» button.
  • After that, of course, the multitasking window will open, but we are not interested, we click on the desktop again.
  • We make sure that the icon selection has not disappeared, and we open the prepared folder, but no manipulations are required inside it, and we simply press "Start" again.

Now the icon will disappear, or rather, it will be hidden; you can find it using the built-in Spotlight search service.

And if you restart the device, all the hidden icons with the help of this trick will go back to their rightful places. But until this happens, we have at our disposal the freed space of the desktop - how to use it, decide for yourself.