How to install Viber on your computer or laptop

How to install Viber on your computer or laptop


Regardless of the device used to access Global Network resources, millions of people transfer large numbers of messages and files, as well as make video and audio calls using the Viber service every day. The popularity of the messenger is due, among other things, to its multiplatform nature, that is, to the ability to work in the environment of various mobile and desktop operating systems. Next we will see how to install Viber on a Windows computer or laptop.

Installing Viber on your computer

Most users start using the messenger in question by installing the Viber client-application for Android or iOS on their mobile phone. It should be noted that its creators have positioned the service as a communication and information exchange tool, mainly among mobile users. At the same time, Viber for Windows has a number of undeniable advantages and is sometimes indispensable, especially when large amounts of data have to be transferred. There are several ways to get a desktop version of the messenger on your PC or laptop.

Method 1: No mobile phone

The main obstacle when installing Viber on a PC or laptop is the lack of autonomy of the Windows version of the service's client application. That is, without an Android or iOS phone, the program can be installed on the PC, but the Viber account cannot be activated and authorized in the system to access the features of the service by the methods offered by the developers. However, this hurdle can be overcome quite easily.

Since the creators of Viber require a mobile device that works under Android or iOS to register with their own service, we are going to provide the system with a device of this type, only virtual. This possibility is possible using one of the Android emulators. The main function of this application is to create a virtual mobile device in Windows environment. The choice of the emulator to achieve the main objective - the activation of the Viber account for PC - is not crucial, any emulator will do.

As an example, let's consider the implementation of the messenger installation through a popular and simple solution - Andy.

  1. Download the Android emulator distribution link from the review article on our website, run the installer.
    Click on . "Next". in the first window and wait for the installation of the tool to complete.
  2. To download and install Viber in the emulator environment, a Google account will be required. Although Andy allows you to create it yourself, it is recommended to register an account in advance, following a few simple instructions: More information: Create a Google account

  3. Launch the Android emulator and open Play Market by clicking the application icon in Andy's window.
  4. Access the account using the Google account data that you have already created by entering your email address, and then the password.
  5. Enter the PlayMarket search box with the query Viber. and click on the first result in the list - "Viber: calls and messages"..
  6. On the application page, click "Install"..
  7. Waiting for Vibe to finish downloading and installing in Andy's environment, and then press "Opens"..
  8. Click on "Keep going". in the window "Welcome"..
  9. Enter the phone number to which an SMS message with the activation code will be sent. You may need to select the country where the mobile ID is registered in advance.
  10. Press the button. "Keep going".check that the data entered is correct and press "Yes". in the application that appears.
  11. Wait to receive the SMS with the access code and enter the secret combination of digits in the corresponding field.
  12. If done correctly, the Viber account is automatically activated and we have access to all system functions. Initially, to personalize the account, and then to the main features of the service.

At this stage, the installation of Viber on the computer can be considered complete - in principle, the possibility to use the messenger is there, but you will have to run it in Andy's window. It is worth noting that this solution is not the best due to the demand of emulators on the system resources involved in the computer, moreover, it cannot be called the most convenient.

Therefore, after following the instructions above, it is recommended to install the full version of Viber for Windows, following the instructions "Method 3: Official Website". described below in the article. You can activate an account on the service through the Android emulator, the procedure is also described in the description of how to install Vibera from the official resource. Obstacles to authorization in the messenger now hardly arises, because we have an «Android device» in our arsenal, despite the fact that virtual, but capable of performing this task.

Method 2: Windows Store

Windows 10 users can install the Viber client app from the Store, created by Microsoft to obtain smoothly and quickly, and then automatically update the most popular software tools by users of their own operating system.

Before installing Viber on your computer or laptop, follow the instructions below to install and activate the application on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

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  1. Go to the Viber for PC installation page in the Windows 10 App Store. There are two ways to do this:
    • Click on the following link: the page to download the application will open in the browser assigned in the operating system for its use by default: Download Viber from the Microsoft Store

      Press «Get application»., which will automatically open the landing page in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

    • Open . "Microsoft Store" clicking on the Windows main menu tile;
      In the search box, enter a query Viber. and select the item marked as "App". among the derived results.

    By the way, you can dispense with entering a search query by simply scrolling through the main Shop page and finding Viber. . "More popular".. In any case, at the time of the creation of this article the tool occupies the place of honor among the most downloaded applications from the Windows 10 Store.

  2. Push the button "Get". on the Vibera page at "Microsoft Store"..
  3. Wait for the components to load and then install the application. The system performs all the necessary actions without user intervention.
  4. We start the launch of the installed messenger by pressing the button "Run"..
  5. At this point, we can say that Viber is installed on your computer or laptop and is almost ready to be used, all that remains is to connect to the service:

Method 3: Official website

Finally, the easiest way to get the desktop version of Viber, regardless of the Windows version and whether or not you have a mobile phone, is to use the distribution obtained from the developer's official website.

As with the previous method, you must first install the mobile version of the messenger and activate your Viber account through your mobile phone, or if you don't have one, use the Android emulator.

  1. Go to the official Viber for Windows download page by following the link: Download Viber for Windows from the official website
  2. Click on the button. «Download Viber». and wait for the distribution to download.
  3. Open the file. "ViberSetup.exe".
  4. Click on the button. "Install". in the first window of the installer.
  5. The procedure of copying and registering the necessary files in the system is carried out automatically by the installer, wait for the installation to complete, accompanied by the completion of the progress bar.
  6. When the installation of Viber for Windows is complete, a window will automatically open "Welcome". asking if you have a messenger installed on your mobile phone. Click on "Yes"..
  7. Enter the phone number that is the identifier in the service and press "Keep going"..
  8. Scan with the phone that appears in the window "Activation". QR code In case there is no mobile phone, and the activation of the account has been done through the emulator according to the instructions "Method 1: no mobile phone" proposed earlier in this article, do the following:
    • In the Viber for Windows window that contains the QR code, click the link My camera doesn't work. What I do?".
    • In the box containing the identity secret key, click "Copied.".
    • Go to the Android emulator window and run "Browser". In your enviroment.
    • Press the left mouse button, positioning the manipulator pointer in the address bar, and keep it pressed until the content of the field is highlighted. After releasing the key, a list of possible actions appears, click "Insert". and then press "Enters". to go to the link.
    • The emulator will automatically open the previously activated Viber with a request to link another device to an account on the service.

      Check the checkbox. "I want to activate Viber on an additional device" and press "Allow"..

  9. Going to the Viber window for the computer, a confirmation of the successful identification of the ID appeared "Done!". Press the button "Open Viber.".
  10. After synchronizing the data, which the system will perform automatically, the desktop version of one of the most popular messengers is ready to go.

As we can see, getting a version of the Viber client application to work in the Windows environment is not difficult at all. By following the simple instructions, you can enjoy many benefits in just a few minutes - just choose the right installation method!

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