How to jailbreak the Photos app on iPhones and iPads with iOS 7 (video)

Apple developers have equipped the iPhone and iPad with very good cameras, which encourages users to take many photos and videos. However, the creators of iOS until now (iOS 8 not included) have not paid enough attention to improving the standard application Gallery. Of course, various third-party applications from the App Store can be used for this purpose, but fans of using the "standard set" can turn to the help of Cydia's jailbreak tweaks.

Anyone who often has to deal with taking screenshots will find it helpful to install a Cydia extension called almpoum. Snap allows you to save or share screenshots without creating a copy in the public gallery. You can copy the image to the clipboard or upload it to Photostream.

Users who cannot accept that iOS does not recognize the GIF animations it is recommended to download the extension GIFViewer. This setting adds the ability to view primo images "live" in the standard Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Complement MailUnlimitedPhotos - allows to bypass the limit of 5 photos to send in the standard email client of iOS 7. After installing the tweak, you can select an unlimited number of photos in the gallery and send them by email. Odako, don't forget about the limitations of the mail servers themselves. Sometimes they can cause an undelivered email with a large attachment, if you need to view the snapshot data, the setting will help you Photographic information. The extension adds the ability to display all metadata that is stored in images. As you already know, the photos in the gallery of your iOS device are organized in chronological order, so you cannot rearrange them in any other way. To sort the photos by date taken, size or name, you can install a tweak Photo organizer 7. You can also manually move the images and swap them.

To protect your confidential photos in the gallery of your device, you can use the extension Photo albums +. The tweak is not only designed to set a password on your iPhone and iPad photos folder, but it also knows how to quickly move photos without creating a copy of them in the main gallery.

Rendarya - A jailbreak tweak that allows adding a large number of effects and filters to the editor of the standard Photos app.

For those who usually take screenshots and want to annotate them, this setting is very useful ScreenPainter. This extension allows you to quickly draw or write something on an image.

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