How do I know if I got my girlfriend pregnant? Pregnancy cannot be hidden most of the time, however, this does not mean that the first few months go unnoticed, although it will always depend on each woman's body. In general, a woman who is pregnant can often sense it, although this is not always the same.

Furthermore, know if your girlfriend is pregnant, can be a bit complicated, especially if we are not attentive to each of the symptoms of pregnancy. If you are considering the possibility that your girlfriend is pregnant, it is possible that there are a series of symptoms that have raised the question in you.

Now, let's see some considerations and recommendations that we must take into account if we want to know if your girlfriend is pregnant.

A pregnancy test

The first thing we need to keep in mind is, take a pregnancy testIn fact, these pregnancy tests are not expensive, and in addition, we can find them in all pharmacies, therefore, performing the test is the first thing that we must take into account, since it can be punctually effective and thus we will be able to dissipate each one of the doubts

In any case, there is also home tests that can be performed, although its implementation can be very questionable. One of these tests can be built through toothpaste, where we will put a dose of urine.

Detail your girlfriend's breasts

In fact, one of the first parts of the body that begins to change is the bust. So, your girlfriend's breasts will look more swollen and hard. In fact, if your girlfriend starts saying that she experiences pain or that she feels that her breasts are bigger and heavier, but her menstrual cycle is not coming close, pay attention, since It can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Choose ask your girlfriend about the symptoms you have begun to feel, And of course; pay close attention to everything he experiences, while he is by your side, of course.

Is your girlfriend throwing up?

Another of the most common symptoms of pregnancy it is, then, the presence of vomiting and nausea. So, if you see that your girlfriend is vomiting, and that vomiting has no apparent reaction, it is possible that it is pregnancy.

The moment you start to see that your girlfriend has been throwing up several times during the day, consider looking for a pregnancy test. On the other hand, if she has passed out and if she is experiencing these types of symptoms, there is a high probability that your girlfriend is pregnant


On the other hand, while you start to see the various symptoms, or, there are no symptoms, but your girlfriend has had considerable delay in your menstrual cyclePlease note the following:

  • It may be normal for a woman to have a late period, even if she has a regular period.
  • Ask your girlfriend if she is pregnant.
  • keep one handy pregnancy test.