how to leave a group on instagram. Many times we are added to unexpected groups in instagram chat. Sometimes they are friends interested in organizing a meeting or talking about a topic, but other times they are groups of which we don't want to be a part. 

For this reason, from ik4 let's explain to you how to get out of a instagram group in just 4 steps. Remember that once you leave the group, you will not be able to return until you are added to the conversation again. Shall we start?

How to leave a group on instagram step by step


To leave a group, the first thing you should do is open the app on your mobile. Once inside, follow these four simple steps:
  1. Play the paper plane icon like the one in the picture above in the upper right of the application.
  2. play the conversation in a group that you want to leave.
  3. Tap on the group name on top.
  4. Scroll down, tap «leave chat» .
  5. Then press «Leave" to confirm the action.

Do you see how easy? We hope that this brief guide has been useful to you. If you liked it and want to learn a way to add long videos to instagram  Or do you just want to learn how to update the app on iOS, continue browsing See you soon!