How does link twitch prime to gta? Twitch It is the preferred platform for gamer users to carry out their live broadcasts, as well as their retransmission. This being its main function and attractiveness. It became operational in 2011 and has been owned by Amazon Inc. since it was acquired for nine hundred and seventy million dollars.

It has been a resounding success in achieving 43 million monthly active viewers, inclusive, in 2014 it was known as the website with the highest amount of internet traffic in the United States. Its contents are available on demand or live.

Twitch has a payment service known as Twitch Prime, although officially called Prime Gaming, many users still use the first name. In order to acquire it, you must have an Amazon Prime account and also pay 4 euros per month for the Twitch Prime service.

How do I link Twitch Prime to GTA?

To be able to do your GTA broadcasts in Twitch Prime you will have to apply a series of procedures. The important thing, first of all, is to have accounts on Twitch Prime and Rockstar Games Social Club. The latter is a totally free online platform for the use of Rockstar games where GTA is included.

Therefore, you will join Twicth Prime by affiliating all accounts to Social Club Rockstar Games and for this you will take advantage of the affiliation, the latest GTA and Twicth prime promotion that you will get in the following link

Sign up for Social Club.

In this promotion you will get monthly bonuses of up to million dollars per month in GTA for you to acquire what you want. So, once you enter you will see three sections, in the first you will find the options to log in or register in social club rockstar games.

It is ideal that you use the same address of e-mail that you used to sign up for Twicth Prime on Social Club.

Sign up if you haven't already done so. If you are already registered, log in. The registration procedure It is very similar to registering on any web page, you will need to add username, password, email and other additional data. After completing the registration, you will go to the second step; linking your Twitch account.

Link your Twitch Prime account to Social Club

Click on the button 'Link with Twicth'. The web will immediately take you to the Twitch authorization interface, where it will show you the warnings of linking your Twicth account with Social Club, for example, that you will be able to see your email address. Click on 'Authorize' at the bottom if you agree.

Immediately, your account will be linked, without first selecting the visibility theme of your Twitch Prime account and clicking on continue. You will proceed to see that your Twitch Prime account has already been linked to Social Club.

Affiliate your account from the console where you play GTA

Finally, you will affiliate the account of the console where you play gta. You will find the options to link PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia. Press any of the options to display the interface for you to add your username and password.

With these three steps, you will have finally linked Twicth Prime with GTA.