How to lock the doors in Among Us and tips for sabotage. Closing the doors in Among Us and doing other types of sabotage are simple tasks. To succeed in the role of imposter during the game, it is necessary understand how your tampering system works. With that in mind, from ik4 We have prepared this guide on the various ways to sabotage and win the game.

Remember that Among Us is available for free download on Android and Phone (iOS), with a paid version for PC (via Steam).

How to close the doors in Among Us

As an imposter, the player has the possibility to freely close the doors of the hall to avoid the passage of other players. To do this, simply click the tamper button, located in the lower right corner, and click on the door icons marked with an "X". This is a very useful sabotage for hiding bodies in certain rooms and gain extra time to kill another player.

How to sabotage oxygenSabotage Among Us

One of the ways imposters can beat the game is sabotaging the oxygen in Among Us. To do this, simply go to tamper menu and click the O2 icon. The game will give the other team a few seconds to solve the problem. Since oxygen must be fixed in two different rooms, this is also a good opportunity to separate the players.

How to sabotage the reactor

As with oxygen, reactor sabotage is also a quick way to win the game as an imposter, as the crew will need to fix it in seconds. To do it, simply click on the radiation icon, located in the left corner of the map. This is a sabotage that tends to bring the entire crew together in one place, so it is only useful for inducing movement.

How to sabotage electricity

The sabotage of electricity, accessed through the lightning bolt icon on the map, is a favorite of Among Us players. Leave the ship in complete darkness, allowing the imposter to murder without being seen. While the other crew only sees in a very small radius, the impostor continues to see everything around him.

How to sabotage communications

The sabotage of communications not commonly used, but can be accessed from the Wi-Fi network icon located at the bottom of the map. Hides the crew to-do list and can be used to catch the most distracted users, although it does not leave much room to kill other players. If used at the beginning of a round, it can buy time until you finish the kill countdown.

We hope that this short guide on How to sabotage Among us has been useful to you. If now you want to know how to play Among Us with friends, continue browsing Until next time!.