How to lock the position icons on the desktop? The desk It is the best known space on a computer, since it is the first thing you see when it is restarted or turned on. It is made up of a few elements; the taskbar and the start button mainly. In the rest of the space you will find the ideal location for the icons of the PC applications.

These icons correspond to graphic representations of the operating system objects, mainly those corresponding to the ´Programs´ so that you can execute them by double clicking on them and open them directly from this space. Each icon has its identification label.

Other icons that you can find on the desktop are: my Documents, my websites, recycle bin and PC. The latter represent a data file configured for a particular application.

Small desktop icon issues.

On the other hand, when you install a program or add a new icon to the desktop, this is usually located to the left of the screen by default. However, they may move from where you placed it.

On some occasions you will find that, when Log In On your PC, several of the icons that you have on your desktop have moved from the last place where you had them. Although the reasons for this to happen can be of various kinds, you will have to apply some tricks so that they do not move again.

To prevent the icons from moving you will have to block them as follows

Automatic icon organization

This is the first procedure to block movement desktop icons. You must configure the organization of the icons and folders found on the desktop by right clicking on any space on the desktop.

In the window that will be displayed, you must access 'View', where you can make sure that the option 'Organize icons automatically' is found active. You should also uncheck the 'Align icons to the grid' option.

Another option you can use is to directly access the system files

To do this you must open a window of the File Browser and locate C: UsersusernameAppDataLocal, where you will have to locate the IconCache.db file. You have to proceed to delete this last file, which you may have to resort to showing the hidden files.

Once removed, proceed to arrange the desktop icons to your liking and restart the PC again.

Using the DesktopOK application

This application totally free You can find it with a quick search in the search engine of your choice. With it you will be able to restore, lock and save the location of the icons found on the PC desktop very easily.

The best of all with this tool is that you will not need to install it since it is totally portable.

Via graphics drivers

By manipulating the drivers of the Graphic card, you must verify that these drivers are correctly updated. On the other hand, modifying the theme you normally use in the Windows interface or altering the screen resolution can alter the location of the icons.