How to make a cannon in Minecraft. Minecraft allows players to create a variety of items, but few of them are as functional as the mighty TNT cannon. When a explosive TNT, it becomes a very different type of block in the game. It didn't take long for players to realize that it was possible to have a cannon war by launching a block of TNT against others.

The trick to making a cannon in Minecraft is to activate a block of TNT, wait a few seconds and then activate another so that the second block is launched by the explosion of the first. This task is simplified and automated with the use of Redstone ejectors and repeaters.

When an Ejector is activated and it has TNT blocks inside it, it ejects an activated block. Redstone repeaters, in turn, can delay the same signal that activates the first ejector, only to get to the second ejector later, when it's time to shoot.

When you use a jet of water in your cannon, the damage of the explosion to the structure is canceled, but not its power to launch objects. That way even you can use more ejectors and more TNT blocks to amplify the effect and launch your projectile much further. Check how to do it step by step.

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How to make a cannon in Minecraft

  1. Create a base of 3 x 10 blocks that will be the base of the cannon. Until you have mastered the technique, it may be interesting to use an explosion-resistant material, such as obsidian.
  2. In the extreme that is the «wick«, Place three more blocks and a Button in the middle with Redstone at the ends.
  3. Crea eight Redstone repeaters that will delay the Redstone signal from your TNT cannon.
  4. Crea nine ejectors, eight of which will provide TNT for propulsion y one that will shoot.
  5. Assemble the left side with eight obsidian blocks (or the material of your choice) and an ejector at the end facing inward. Also place eight Redstone repeaters on top of the blocks and interact with them to increase the delay of each one to the maximum. Lastly, lay a Redstone wire over the ejector.
  6. On the right side, place the eight Ejectors facing inwards and place Redstone on them, connected to the button from Step 2.
  7. Add a bucket of water in front of the button that will charge the TNT and it will prevent you from destroying the cannon when firing.
  8. At the tip of the canyon, adds a slab of any material in front of the last Ejector so that the TNT does not overflow the water.
  9. Your barrel should look like this when viewed from above.
    Canyon seen from above

    Canyon seen from above

  10. Create TNT blocks and load each ejector with them. When the button is pressed, the TNT blocks will fall into the water. When they get close to exploding, the last Ejector places an extra block of TNT on the tip, it will be fired by others blast like a cannon.

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