How to make a fence or gate in Minecraft. Making a fence or gate in Minecraft is possible in just a few steps. The game, which has several blocks with curious characteristics, offers a type of block that, if used correctly, is one of the few blocks with an unusual height limit, made especially for block the passage of enemies or animals.

Fences can be produced joining four wooden blocks to two beams on a bench. By placing a fence block alone, it takes on the appearance of a post and can even be stacked for decorative purposes. Only when the player places a second block aside does a close-up structure begin to form.

It is important to say that different types of wood produce different types of fences, each with its own look. All of them, however, manage to connect with each other.

The height of the fences, although visually it looks like a block, it is actually a block and a half. Therefore, players and creatures cannot cross it. When stacked, they always occupy the same number of blocks, with another half block on top. Two fences are two and a half blocks high, as are three and a half blocks high. Finally, it is worth saying that not all animals find a real obstacle in the fences. Foxes, for example, are especially good at jumping on them.

At ik4, we show you below how to create fences and gates in Minecraft, available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) Nintendo Switch and PC, with mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS).

  1. Gather four bwooden blocks and two sticks on a bench to create three fences.
  2. Place them side by side to form a structure.
  3. Use different types of wood to get a different look.
  4. Interact with a fence while transporting an animal or a boat, using a rope to tie them.
  5. Use fences with flat objects on top to create tables or create various decorative elements.

How to make a door in Minecraft

To facilitate access to the fenced area, it is possible create a Door, which is basically a fence joint that functions as a gate. Can be opened or closed with the button to interact. To create it, you must use four sticks and two wooden blocks. Like the fences, the doors change their appearance depending on the wood used. For some reason, there is no connection limitation to the Nether brick fence, as wooden doors usually connect to it.

How to save the animals inside the fences

Fences and walls can create spaces to store your content, which makes them essential for farms. Usually, animals disappear in Minecraft when the player is away. However, if they are inside a fence, this will not happen. So that the fence counts as a closed place, all blocks must be connected, even if there is a Door and its internal area must have a maximum of 20 × 20 blocks. More than that, the game considers that they are in open spaces and therefore can disappear.

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