How to make a chart in PowerPoint. Graphics are very good resources for help interpret the data that they want to raise. Imagine a slide full of data and numbers, it would be unintelligible. But if we put all these data on a graph, everything that the speaker wants to tell us we will understand much easier.

The good news is that creating and working in PowerPoint is quite simple. In the following tutorial we are going to guide you to get a perfect PowerPoint with its graphics. Are you going to miss it?

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How to make a chart in PowerPoint step by step

We are going to teach you how to make a chart in PowerPoint, step by step, from the first slide. All you have to do is follow the following points.

As a suggestion, we propose this order. On the first slide we can put the presentation theme, and on the second slide do a chart in PowerPoint.

Note that from the second slide, As long as the slide is still blank, an option will appear for you to use resources such as: table, images, videos, audios, SmartArt and graphics.

We go with the step by step:

  • Opens Power point and write the presentation topic on the first slide.
  • On the second slide we will insert a graphic. Click the button «Insert chart ».
  • Or, if you prefer, from the tab "Insert" and click the button "Graphic".
  • Choose «Type of chart» what you want and press "To accept".
  • At this moment Excel will open and you will be working with the information:Insert chart in power point

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  • If you need more rows or columns, just click on the corner of the blue outline and drag where you need.
  • Close Excel and it is over. Your chart is ready.

From this moment you can start editing your graph in PowerPoint.

Now you can add data labels to your graph so that the information is visible. Do it as follows:

Add data labels

Add data labels

  • You can place title from the chart directly or use the PowerPoint slide to do it.
  • You also have the tab "Design" and various predefined styles.
  • You also have the option to change the color of the columns in the tab "Format".

These are all the options you have available to make a chart in PowerPoint. How easy was it? We have more tutorials to help you with your tasks, and how to set the quick access bar in excel sure you will find it interesting.