How to make a secret passage in Minecraft. The game offers players many options to create their own inventions, one of the most popular being the secret passages to their bases.

The key to making these passes lies in the block «Plunger Stick«, A block capable of being expanded and retracted by the player's commands. There's even a classic game trick that involves creating a traversable frame.

The "pistonCommon »is a block that can be built on a workbench with wood, stone, a handful of Redstone, and an iron bar. This piston can only push blocks when expanding, but when it retracts it doesn't pull the block back.

To turn it into a «plunger»That pushes and pulls blocks, you must add a slime ball, obtained by killing Slimes in caves and swamps. With a Sticky Piston, it is already possible create secret passages through holes, but we'll use two to create door-sized openings.

From we show you how to make a secret passage in Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS (iPhone) and PC (Windows 10 and 11).

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How to build a secret passage in Minecraft step by step

How to make a secret passage in Minecraft

  1.  To build a single piston you need a iron bar, a handful of red stone, three wooden planks and four rocks. Get enough ingredients to build two pistons.
  2. In a worktable creates the two pistons, then with two Slimeballs and two Pistons create two Sticking pistons.
  3. The next step is to understand how pistons work. They can be triggered directly by any object that emits a signal, such as a lever and buttons, by indirectly receiving this signal through Redstone.
  4. For, close the secret passage necessary make the signal reach the two Pistons stacked with Redstone. With only connect Redstone to one of them, the other will not activate.
  5. Apply this method to the pistons in the door of your base and test its operation.
  6. When everything is in order hides all exposed parts so only the lever is accessible and ready! You now have a secret passage to the base of your mountain.
  7. Possible pass the Redstone connections underground and expand the concept to use more Pistons, make bigger doors or secret doors within your own base, such as in the fireplace.
  8. If you are not sure how to make a secret underground passage, simply place the secret passage on the ground with the Pistons to access your base.

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How to make a secret passage in a framed wall

The frame hack is one of the most classic Minecraft, however it has had some changes in newer versions. In previous versions, players would place pictures on the wall and then remove some blocks to create secret spaces to pass.

Currently, the frame is destroyed by removing the supporting blocks. However, it is possible thatuit blocks and quickly place others that do not obstruct the player's path, as tables, and thus keep the board and the step secret.

  1.  Create a wall the size of the frame you want. The frames are chosen randomly, but you can control their size according to the block they are applied to.
  2. Create a square with a block of wool obtained from sheep and eight sticks obtained from Wooden Boards. We also make some Planks with six Wood Planks and one Graveto.
  3. Place the image on the desired wall.
  4. Approach the wall from the opposite side of the board and destroy the blocks where you want to use it as a passage. Destroy one at a time and each time a block is destroyed, quickly place a plate in its place.
  5. Ready! Now the frame will not be destroyed and it will be possible to go through it as if it were a secret passage.

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