How to make a smooth transition in Sony Vegas

How to make a smooth transition in Sony Vegas

Video transitions are necessary to combine some fragments into a single video. Of course, you can do it without transitions, but sharp jumps from one segment to another will not give a comprehensive video impression. Therefore, the main function of these transitions is not to dazzle, but to create an impression of smooth transition from one part of the video to another.

How to smoothly transition in Sony Vegas?

1. Load the video clips or images that you want to transition between into the video editor. Now you have to superimpose the edge of one video on the other in the timeline.

2. How large or small this "overlap" is will determine how smooth the transition is.

How to add a transition effect in Sony Vegas?

1. If you want the transition to be not only smooth, but also with some effect, then go to the "Transitions" tab and choose the effect you like (you can see them by simply hovering over each of them).

2. Now right-click on the effect you like and drag it to where you want to superimpose one video on top of the other.

3. A window opens in which you can adjust the effect as you like.

4. In the end, the intersection of the video will tell what effect you have applied.

How to remove transition effect in Sony Vegas?

1. If you don't like the transition effect and want to replace it, just drag the new effect to the intersection of the fragments.

2. If you want to remove the effect entirely, click the "Transition Properties" button to do so.

3. Then just remove it by clicking the corresponding button.

So today we learned how to create smooth transitions between videos or images in Sony Vegas. We hope we were able to show you as much as possible how to work with transitions and effects for them in this video editor.

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