How to make a flower vase in Minecraft. Among all the possibilities that Minecraft offers us, there is the opportunity to decorate your house with some style. For this reason, it is possible create vases whose only function is decorative. However, you can make your house look like a real home with this simple trick.

Before being added to the game, users who wanted to have flowers inside their homes needed to use a complete block of land as a base, which defeated the entire aesthetic purpose of plants.

At you will discover how to create and use vases in Minecraft, available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC. Shall we start?

How to make a flower vase or planterflower vase in Minecraft

The flowerpot is a very simple item, created with just three bricks, made of clay blocks, in a kiln. To find mud, you just have to look for gray blocks on river slopes. They look like a block of sand and can even be confused when viewed underwater.

Al destroy them with a shovel or other tool, the clay blocks release four clay balls. Each of these balls can be turned into a brick, using an oven.

How to make a flower pot in Minecraft step by step

  1. Search neighborhood on the slopes of rivers. Three balls of the material they are enough to build a vase of flowers.
  2. Place the clay in an oven with some fuel, like carbon, and wait until you have three bricks.
  3. Take the three bricks to a workbench and produces the flowerpot.
  4. The planter can be placed on top of most blocks. To put a flower on it, simply remove the plant from the ground and interact with the pot by holding it in your hand.

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