How to make a villager work in Minecraft. Minecraft has given its villagers more depth in the update Village & Pillage with professions and working days during the day. Players also realized that it is possible to use these professions to their advantage to obtain items or make villagers work for them.

The new profession system in Minecraft works from the «Professions blocks«. Are 13 specific blocks that when close to a villager can become their workplace and, thus, make him follow a certain profession. Each profession offers different exchanges the player for items and emeralds.

It is not possible to do something like tame the villagers, but the player can surround them and have even a farmer work automatically planting food if he has seeds. A curiosity is that the local who wears green does not work and it's called "nitwit«, a word that means "Crazy" or "Idiot" in English.

At ik4, we show you how to make a villager work, how to reproduce villagers y how to give a profession through the profession block. These methods work on all versions of Minecraft, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS (iPhone) and PC (Windows 10).

How to make a villager work in Minecraft

How to make a villager work Minecraft

How to make a villager work Minecraft

  1. Add one of the profession blocks near a villager.
  2. Wait a few moments for the villager to acquire that profession.
  3. If at any time you want to know how to make a villager change professionSimply destroy the profession block and add another. However, this will give the player a bad name.

How to play villager

In earlier versions of the game, villagers determined their playability by the number of houses in their village, more precisely by the number of doors. Currently, pFor spawning villagers, Minecraft counts the number of beds and food needs. If there are at least three beds, one for the two parents and one for the child, two villagers will consider the possibility of reproducing.

The order of food is that each villager must have at least three loaves or 12 items such as beets, carrots or potatoes. The player himself can throw objects for them to collect and the villagers who have too much food will share each other. A farmer can even help spread food and increase the chances of reproduction.

  1. Build extra beds for as many villagers as you want.
  2. Deliver items to villagers, at least three breads or 12 beets / carrots / potatoes each.
  3. Wait for hearts and a new villager to appear.

How to summon a villager in creative mode

In creative mode, it is much simpler summon any entity Minecraft, and the player has access to all the blocks in the game, including profession blocks. To summon a villager, just Find your spawn egg in the entity list and activate it on the ground to make the inhabitant appear. Yes there are profession blocks nearby, you can have a random profession.

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