How to make an observer in Minecraft. Minecraft offers observer, which is a type of Redstone block that automates the player's work. The fact that looks like an expressionless face, "Watch" what happens in front of him and can be used to activate other elements.

The observer is a block that observe changes in the block right in front of him, where would the "eyes" be, and then issues a redstone signal. It notices if a block is placed in front, if a piston pushes another block into its field of vision, and even if there is a change in a block, such as a lever on or off.

Creating an observer block is relatively easy. The player will need six boulders, two handfuls of red stone and a nether quartz. As the name suggests, Nether Quartz is a material that can only be found in the Nether dimension and will require the player create a portal to extract it. The material is similar to a natural Nether block, but with a white appearance.

The observer's usage limit is solely up to the player's imagination. In bamboo plantation is one of the most common uses. With the Vigilante it is possible automatically harvest the items when the plant grows big enough.

At ik4 let's explain to you how to make, use and what is the observer for in Minecraft. Remember that the game is available to download on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android, iPhone (iOS), mobile phones.

How to make an observer in Minecraft and use it


How to make an observer in Minecraft

  1. Consultation Nether and get Nether Quartz.
  2. Use a bench to combine six boulders, two handfuls of red stone and a nether quartz to create an observer.
  3. Place the observer in his world. As you insert the block, you will be pointing in the direction of the player. The "eyes»Are the part that detects the block and the red dot behind is where the signal of Redstone. They can also be placed "Looking" up and down.
  4. To test the observer, place a lever in front of him and interact to see the output of the Redstone signal.
  5. The test can also be performed with a piston pushing a block in front of the observer to see the Redstone signal.
  6. The signal can be extended with a handful of Redstone in the observer's output.
  7. Using all these concepts, it is possible create a bamboo plantation which automatically activates a Piston when the observer detects that he has reached the three blocks high.

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